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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea cultivation in India - Kerala

Tourism in Kerala, with Kerala Backwater Kerala as you visit hill ranges of Western Ghats, you most tea gardens in Munnar in India and some will get around. Tea gardens and tea cultivation in colonial times by British settlers of Kerala were introduced, when he found that temperature and hill ranges of Kerala's land suitable for cultivation of tea were the conditions. India is today the world's largest tea producer and exporter.

Green tea bushes of tea gardens in Kerala gentle hill slopes and hills on the surface of the green mantle forma as cover is a beautiful scene. Some tea gardens also provide accommodation to tourists on Kerala Tourism, who like to stay close to nature in a quiet getaway and a wildlife and agricultural plantations will follow the traditional routine. Plantation as a modern facility equipped to making your stay as possible, with Kerala Backwater Tourism Kerala easy. Tea gardens of Kerala, a pleasant calm of Kerala with Kerala Backwater tourism is eco-tourism options.

A tea plantation in Kerala live in lodges and houses with Kerala Tourism and Environment, Kerala Backwater Tourism Holidays in plantations. The process of harvesting and processing tea look, go for nature treks and Kerala's tea with tea gardens of Kerala Tourism, Kerala Backwater property at rest in a pleasant atmosphere.

Tea cultivation in Kerala:

Tea plant (camellia sinensis) in India during the British colonial period was introduced. Bush ends with a shiny green leaves and a pleasant smell. Take a deep breath as you walk through tea gardens in Kerala and the smell of tea you think you can invigorate.

Tea bushes will grow in the wild tree height. At waist height bushes maintained tea gardens but then leaves can be plucked easily. Tea picking is out of hand, usually by groups of women. Only one bud and shoot his agile fingers pick the first two cards and put them in a basket hanging behind his back room. Women as they sing often to help them maintain a rhythm as they go through with lines of tea bushes are working. After the break, and processed tea leaves based on fermentations and other processing treatment categories are resolved. Three broad classifications of tea are - Green tea, Oolong tea and black tea.

Tea bushes are on other plants besides the tea gardens black pepper, cardamom, cashews, and betel nuts are included. Big tree tea bushes shade shelter for their fruit is harvested. You look up the process of tea and tea plantations in Kerala processing, while on tours with Kerala Backwater Kerala Nature can view.