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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gene technology more agriculture is not equal to benefits

Producers, processors and organic food in Berlin Germany, one class of Schrodinger Distributors Association, a report shows that gene technology applications in agriculture in addition to spending there, and did not lead to an increase in profits submitted. Factors, various types of dry seeds of higher values of these additional costs, and billions of dollars of investment needed to increase the amount allowed contaminated crop varieties genetic separation, there is no economic basis. Benefits of genetically modified crop varieties to cover these costs being charged. Cultivation of genetically modified varieties very few multinational companies, particularly Monsanto, will not only beneficial to ensure that its more profitable patents.

Felix Sipulinci zuLöwenstein, chairman of a section of Schrodinger list: "The application of genetic engineering in agriculture does not affect the interests of farmers or consumers, but their sale only. No legal protection before other arguments, these corporate responsibility is important in such activities. It would not be apparent under harsh environmental damage and economic analysis is not certain why the results of the new varieties genetically modified organisms. We need a system that needs to happen is the responsibility of all and permits in the European Union reform process. expiry of the European Commission against Ilse Aigner Development, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and to allow more GM maize varieties is Christoph. Then which serve as an independent critic and expert is doing research report total pollution damage cost of an unauthorized genetically modified varieties, as well as the separation of post production, economic viability of this type of training of the dollar amount of several billions.

Some studies indicates that farmers were found in the specific context of heavy investment and very special circumstances. Besides, "he continued," gene technology is too expensive seeds, which cost a lot more expensive so fast, traditional crops, performance did not improve. "Stefan Rosser Frost (in the field of gene technology) and organic food producers Association President Company, said:" Our customers need, but not natural and genetically modified product, we as a company, we need to get one in the field of gene technology is not enough to demand .. regulatory framework, which also leads to small and medium enterprises to take risks and application of gene technology, including cost, even if They oppose "

Contributions of science and technology to agriculture:

Agricultural science and technology, China is slowly advanced world levels. Contribution rate for advances in science and technology, agriculture's contribution has reached 42%. Department of Agricultural Science and Technology breakthroughs are important in biological technology, latest technology and basic research. China and implementation through monoploid in anther culture and seed culture cells and tissues of plants cultivated in the investigations in the first place worldwide. Two systems, hybrid seed corn hybrid rice in the study of culture, multi-crop carefully is fine and clean technology, etc. are coming to or have reached, advanced levels. Who to investigate the use of hybrid soybean has been. Since 1949 Chinese scientists have made agricultural worth of plants on 40 species, nearly 5000 new varieties and new clusters of high performance, excellent quality and high resistance to four or five times and allowed to renew major crop varieties. Each time you update, usually from 10 to 30% increases in production. 4820 kg per hectare yield of grain crops in China has reached.

Chinese scientist Yuan Longping, father of international hybrid rice "as is known, China's grain harvest in late twentieth century history marked a milestone, with its achievements in the field of hybrid rice . yuan in 2003 Longping, the hybrid system in rice more than double the issues raised, to achieve its two pilot sites superhíbrido, 12.112 kg of rice per hectare and have paid 12.261 kilograms. Currently, large areas of rice are superhíbrido . Longping year 2008 after the yuan has fixed a target, more than 13.500 kg of rice per hectare yield superhíbrido. Department has planned and executed a series of scientific and technological development that rural areas, including important scientific Xinghuo tree, good crops, and promoting economic development benefits of Liaoyuan concerned.

Thank you for these efforts, many scientific advances have come from rural areas and farmers have entered homes, in promoting scientific and technical qualities of farmers Excellent contribute.

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