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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Irrigated agricultures

Agriculture denshering clearing system, and seen as a bus, and some disastrous results due to ecological areas. Population in these areas and along waterways often are dry agriculture practice together. Population density in order to ensure their survival is high, it retains a culture of rebellion, excessive or inadequate systems for the development of first use of the river's water.

These systems are currently two main types of culture. Watercourses implementation of the decline for some time: in former times increase retention basin, drainage water to the farmers and practice, and then their culture, facilities, their safety could Basin late rebellion, this time arranged. Other systems as necessary are now largely still is irrigated agriculture. This is a problem, the time period of future movements in the water makes the waterway, the technology means that the emergence of a kind of equipment to enhance the river or down river - these tools, we use Archimedes style used to bolt or pump chadouf Nile.

Nile that the hydraulic culture - where "hydraulic despotism by Karl Wittfogel concept" (Eastern totalitarian one specific example of what farmers need a very strict organization) principle. Rooftops for irrigation in the area was broken up.

Irrigation system is now the most experienced. A simple derivation above water, ancient works take small channels, the system still some very adverse Ladakh regions, success - and now in Egypt, the growing importance of the number of stop bids Kitchener stop practice Sardar Sarovar, Gange and three states, India, China, Moda throat. However, dam deficiencies: Fertilization raised, the reasons behind the construction of silt and sediment deposits in rebellion, increasing evaporation selected, forcing a large population displacements (about 50 million people in India in 50 years). Also, stop solution is not far points to the issues involved in irrigation, especially when one of them serious damage or an excuse, salinization, water, capillarity as soggy, and then the desired depth of salt, the salt evaporation through a prima facie case to settle.

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