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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture

Pest and pesticides, major economic and ecological farmers, crops and affect their living environment enrichment problems. Andhra Pradesh has experienced a decade of two types showed non-insecticidal management, insect ecology rather than a symptom of anxiety is a reason, you local resources and affectively conduct through the use of time management can. Sustainable agriculture is emerging knowledge of new models and new synthesis of modern science about the traditional practice supplement may take ecological and economic benefits to farmers. Several villages of small-scale success stories in three years there will be more than three (300 million) for farmers to be one million acres to more than Rs 70,000 crore can. Significant reduction in production cost can be reduced. Institutional basis for community-based women's association of such organizations as the environment itself expanding agricultural practices, good support group as a forum. This experience also shows that the ground elevation system, management can bring about community change and crisis support to agricultural sector.

Andhra Pradesh Government sustainable agriculture community development, rural poverty, the association of non-governmental organizations and network technical support sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture is implemented to eliminate projects managed centrally. Today we have 50 villages has been pesticide-free and seven villages have become completely organic.

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