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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Controlling Programmer of Dust Spider

Dust spider woman Lingsi small insects (about mm), 03m.m (male). Her complexion a little yellow and green. Leaves and fruit of women in one egg. The generation of many years, which affects leaves and fruit in a year of intense fruit and fruit juices Set in a lot of varieties and colors and distortions such as digit and exploitation is the cause of change. Internal organization of taste and texture lost a lot, making it unfit for eating or marketing.

Means for dissemination:
Infection usually see the purpose of cultivating palm tree growth path and wind breaker. These trees retained breeding insects and spiders, dust and other trees, birds and insects are making our employees.

Transition period:
Dust spider (oilgonychus afrasiticus) infection, particularly May and fronds, branches and leaves of date palm trees in June, this infection is an important time because it will have profound consequences.

In leaves, palm leaves and branches, fruit set, fruit set before the pest is essential that should be reviewed first. Spiders of the spray should be careful, because the thread does not wet the table and should include pesticide spraying and sticky substance. After two weeks of spray should be repeated.

Control methods:
With results obtained in addition to combat sulfur spray Micronic encouraged from natural materials, no effects on humans and the environment with dust spider.

Two forms of sulfur in Micronic:
(1) sulfur powder particles to be spraying in the morning, with spider threads and Micronic sulfur dew water mixture can be mixed with 2-3 grams. (Of liquid B),
(2)1.5 average - with 2%.

Characterized by a small granuals can reach 07 microns. Spiders use any pesticides, such as: serbion Acarbed - (for) 50-75 nl/1000 liter.

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