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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Some years ago the West Indies, a new mineral phosphorus, phosphate was found in alumina. This mineral is in Vienna, exhibition, and drew attention to issues raised Pockard Edward London, and Lake Fino, Torino, which is 45 100 Phosphoric acid, about 100 are accounting for 12 nitrogen. A phosphate, ammonia, potash and soda ash production is used today for the mineral. It reduces fine ore powder, processed and ammonium sulfate with soda or potash was rain, as well as alumni constitution, while his mother waters containing alkaline phosphatase. Phosphoric acid solution is now ready for business.


Modern agricultural technology and physical and biological science depends to a great extent. , Irrigation drainage, conservation and health care, it is essential that a successful agriculture, requires specialized knowledge of agricultural engineers. Agricultural chemicals, but as fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides application, floor repair, analysis of agricultural products. Improved seed varieties has been, where they germinate rapidly and adjust to different climatic conditions, short season. Green seed all existing pesticides can destroy face. Hydroponic cultivation, hygienic nutrient solution of chemicals that can help meet the world's population with growing demands to increase production to increase access.

Other agricultural, packaging, processing and marketing to contribute to the development of modern technology. Therefore, rapid freezing and dehydration treatment such as food,, has opened a new product marketing vision, increase market efficiency. Agricultural Type irrigated crops can be divided into types algodón.Los classification according to different criteria: according to their dependence on water, dry water, agricultural production, farmers cultivating the same soil and rain water not / or groundwater. Irrigation, water, production and input needs of farmers through channels that capture the natural or surfaces, or by extraction of groundwater from wells artificial. According to the level of production and market relations. agriculture for farmers and their families to meet food production needs the existence of the minimum amount needed, and a small surplus for sale. Level of technology is primitive. Agricultural industrialization. a large, expensive means of production and market access are excessive. Typical industrial countries, developing countries and poor countries in international institutions. Technology is the technology level. Agriculture can be defined as a market. The aim is receiving maximum exposure or other means of production more or less fixed in space with a small footprint environment. Strengthening Agriculture, little use for large scale production. Means more wear and tear site.

A typical industrial countries. A wide range of agriculture depends on a large surface area that is a small place and cause ecological relationship between pressure, but also often less friendly business. According to this vision and objectives for agricultural heritage systems typically one size their culture, use and place a long time more or less. Mainly agricultural industrialization in the system: for production of food in less time and space are very focused, but more on the basis of ecological clothing, aimed at promoting large-scale commercial interests. Organic agriculture, organic farming, production system and respect the weather tried to plant species distribution in natural ecology of several sites and soil characteristics to geobiológicas. Natural Agriculture. siness and reducing, phosphate, that any application in agriculture statehave However these solutions, sprays, fertilizers, phosphoric acid and fixed ammonium phosphate which their money will increase the use of ammonia changes can provide, no salt in hand, unstable temperatures.

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  1. its the edge of agricultre.. yes if india want food betterment then must emphisis on agricultre..