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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Agriculture Types

Development of science and technology has resulted in diversification of agriculture. Find below various types of agricultural practices over the world:

The concept of organic farming and agricultural management, production refers to the practice of a sustainable eco-system with biological processes is focused. Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to stress on sustainable agriculture to maintain soil fertility and animal health without drugs address.

Organic farming is beneficial because:

Organic farmers use in the production of synthetic fertilizer use, at least at least try. Instead, they croup rotation, animal manure use trying to restore fertility and productivity, and dependent on humus. Participate in organic farming, and plowing the ground to weeds, insects and other pests away from the total arable land. Pest control process is very complicated set of procedures. In reality, because of biological insect pest control is such that a minimum amount of damage. So farmers have applied for / promoting growth of beneficial organisms. Farmer specialized in parasite life cycle and mutual understanding so as to stop them has departed.

Organic certification under the Act:

United States, China and many parts of Europe as many countries in terms of legislation for organic agriculture is to meet the exact definition. A fee for an organization to achieve organic certification and organize themselves can call, without a valid certificate is invalid. Before 1991, organic certification was voluntary. In 1991 before the government system to regulate organic label was launched by the European Commission and then for all operations was essential for import and convert

The role of organic agriculture is indeed unique. Protection and human and animal health in addition to mitigation, but also helps in soil conservation and preventing pollution of air and water.

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