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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in India and Government Support

Medicinal plants in human life one game Improta Disease Control Since time immemorial. India's rural and tribal population still in his daily life and surrounding vegetation or for the needs of today's heavily dependent on forests. Medicinal plants are looking not only as a source of health, but also as a source of income. American medicinal plants in India at 5.5 billion worth of trade dollars for S fast (Export Import Bank Report 1997), and day after day. International market for products based on plants in the United States by 62 billion US Dollar estimates. Indiaa, world trade in medicinal plants of less than 0.5% more cents apart.
The wild animals and plants, medical and technical / performance, including power, agriculture, capacity building area, including the development of various eco-systems, medicinal plants may not be strong in the supermarket to meet local needs, chances are exported. Government of India, development and a national plan for development of medicinal plants sector and the country (Lower House), established in NMPB National Front. We facilitate and strengthen coordination by members to promote integrated development, production, processing and marketing sector in the country to promote a strong infrastructure is required to install. Cultivation of medicinal plants and sustainable management of India for the purpose of government, public and popular movement. India's agro climatic zones of the value of various medicinal plants cultivation is suitable for a wide range. Production of medicinal plants is labor intensive, and more jobs for farmers, particularly rural in / create tribal and livelihoods.
Cultivation of medicinal plants and horticultural crops, cereals, etc. are beneficial. Government of India rules and guidelines for e book of medicinal plants sector is a set of measures to streamline and after professional quality production, and then "building infrastructure, financial assistance through cultures. These and measures the quality of medicinal plants industry and leadership in all aspects with emphasis on exports, increased production should be encouraged.

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