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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First forms of agriculture

Soil properties, type (crop, and will) improve the maintenance, improvement and use of legal instruments, the central question facing farmers. Once on the road and in agriculture, technology, equipment, or the species of pet forums new combination of historical cultivars, new ways to play.

First, the power to farmers, wood and stone tools, the land area is only authorized one thing. The first piece of arable land houses, their land and consumption of waste-rich surrounding area, from the river bank aggradation interests. Plant Domestication, elimination of late-maturing subjects seem - there is no development of the first plants, first of all to collect - and thus strong support for plants, most is for grains of food. The smallest, from the observation of the characteristics of plants, their seeds, by way of friendly acquisitions, farmers first choice. As for animals, their domestication include a variety of amendments: domesticated species, a small, low, and their wild cousins quarrellers.

Since then, the new base, which is desert, and then resume from the surface, culture is more important today than was necessary to find, but to obtain. In which he provided the equipment, men clear the forest, in order to reduce the lowest possible effective felling of trees, then burn them, so, as well, including farming, or as a hole in the establishment of seed to obtain, if possible, Miao, and sometimes it is just does not exist .

Clearing culture first passenger denshering and agricultural systems, temporary in nature, spin is sometimes too long, 15 or 20 years, and that there have been living a standstill. Approval and cultivation of wasteland, in a year's time slice, one by one, all part of the most accessible villages, returned to his garden, agriculture has been cleared. The invention of agriculture and civilizations of different types of rotation. It should be noted that this kind of agriculture has not completely disappeared, today's loss, but what - one of poverty, deforestation, soil erosion area, even their productivity, the poor, desert region as a whole - compensation does not include such a system. Organizational preparations for such an agricultural society, are willing to share the collective workpiece rotation and assumptions, and then, close to saturation, the ground under control, allowing the cost of other villages in the area for colonization.

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