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Sunday, November 15, 2009

phosphorus in the agricultural environment -II

Manufacturing Commercial Phosphate Fertilizer :

Phosphate as an organic phosphorus source crops have been used for centuries. Even the appearance of P fertilizer technology process, from animal manure and sewage sludge composting, including the still very substantial source of organic phosphorus. As the manure / nutrient management point of view, using the existing fertilizer products, in particular, is an independent analysis of these factors very different from P and chemical analysis should be on these products. Then, a factor as the sports part of the bed to provide the general report should set P.

From the sludge or inorganic fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer P should be equal. Therefore, if the manufacturer's recommendations for P £ 30 / to one of P 2 O 5, about 65 lbs 18-46-0 (DAP) or 611-6-9 t (fertilizers, 80% of P available factor applications) should provide the same results.

PP inorganic and organic phosphorus sources organic ingredients as the original, P are the form of inorganic phosphate, which in plants is escalating. Fed animals have a number of chemical composition control. Feed supplements and phosphorus can be considered as P consider the fact that many. Under normal circumstances, 45-70% of the organic and inorganic fertilizer phosphorus accounted for the remaining soil PPPP always easy to break down organic matter, but these factors such as temperature, soil moisture, soil pH, but the impact of P mineralization rate. The final decomposition product of P phosphate compounds.

Organic / organic phosphorus source and soil environment, the proportion of inorganic phosphorus, most animal studies a combination of organic fertilizer, phosphorus affect the validity of the interpretation of that ratio is about 60-80% of the total phosphorus, the crops in a year . Chemical organic phosphorus sources for other reasons, such as bone meal, plant composition to provide small quantities compared to the estimated total polypropylene.

Phosphorus Source Issues:

About the most common issues are discussed in phosphate following paragraphs.

I must use liquid or dry? Using liquid or dry fertilizer plant phosphorus does not affect the property. Liquid and dry fertilizer nutrients in plants used as an application efficiency, crop root growth characteristics and factors such as soil testing methods, and climate conditions for. Quantity of water in liquid fertilizer in water than is already present in soil is negligible. Thus, the dry material is not in liquid phosphorus source P, P - even in drought years is easy to achieve. Liquid or dry election should be based on P source farmers to adapt to the operation and economy.

By Pali - Better orthophosphate?
The answer is, the difference between these two forms of understanding between the phosphorus is important. Phosphate Fertilizer Production Phosphate and phosphoric acid in the driest of the liquid used in the form of phosphate.

If ordinary hot phosphoric acid, water and removing phosphate ions form a coalition Pali. As this process more than 100% poly phosphate ions does not change. Most of the remaining phosphorus fertilizer form of ammonium phosphate from 40 to 60%.

Soil, polyphosphate ions very easily phosphate ions in soil moisture is translated into a positive presence. The change is rapid, normal soil temperature, a few days or may be incomplete. Conversion process of an enzyme called pyrophosphate, which is enhanced by earth's most abundant.

Sodium polyphosphate, common as liquid ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer sales. Because water is removed during the construction process, from content analysis of these materials over which forms phosphoric acid. Pali liquid easy, fertilizer dealers are to handle and allows the construction is not possible to mix liquid phosphates.

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