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Monday, November 9, 2009

Recent Growth Trends in Indian Economy

India's economy for three consecutive years, and increase the maximum of 9%, and the ratio of 7% + increase in a decade. 10%, and reduces poverty, but India's 1.1 billion people, 60% growth in agriculture and depend on drought and floods, and poverty reduction remains a major challenge. And structural reforms taken by the government in the state recently cut restrictions on growth and overall development, and made great contribution to national prosperity. Still, will be charged with federal and state bureaucracy, corruption and a few teams to address major issues to be. India's GDP, and 58% of the public debt, and the CIA world fact book, which, according to another challenge.
In this period of steady growth performance of India's services sector is of particular importance. 11.18% growth in the services sector, in 2007, contributing 53% of current GDP. 10.63 per cent of the increase in the same period of the industrial sector, and 29% of the gross domestic product. Agriculture 17%, and the economy in India. Growth of the manufacturing sector in the country's growth momentum has been added to the good. The manufacturing sector rose at a faster rate than the rate of growth 2005-8.98% in 2006 is 12%. Storage and communications sector, as shown in one year, 16.64%, increased significantly. The second aspect is the set for the release of this environment, strong investment and savings rate is high. The total capital construction as a percentage of gross domestic product in fiscal year 2001 of 22.8%, 35.9% in fiscal year 2006 is increased from. In addition, savings, and GDP ratio of 23.5% during the same period of the total recorded in the stable growth rate is 34.8%.

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