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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment, which equipment group based open ditch, breaking, spray and soil is fertile. Plows: agricultural equipment, has opened a divide in the earth for this purpose, is made of a blade, grate, dumping, beads, bed, Helm, and Mancera, which is used on cuts and ground level, one solution set, pieces of draft, and to hold organized.

There are several types of plows, but the most famous are: the dump solutions fence, razor blades and disk disk solution built with open landfill deep concave surface - solution to wrinkles, dirt ends made of topsoil depth solution. Harrow is an agricultural tool, the purpose of partial tears Land is part of or approved the solution has one design for the structure, wood and metal teeth and coupling may be involved in a tractor. Ready to spray agricultural spraying equipment, a liquid tank, high pressure pump, cover, mouth, water tank and pressure valve, belt, hose, spray nozzle wrench and any liquid insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to use in place include . Manuel to return to spray spray, which in the oral cavity and the local mask in the nose to prevent this material, he sprayed a particularly strong smell from injury, was discharged. No tillage agriculture plantation owners put a team on the seed seedbed without. Agricultural fertilizers and fertilizer distribution component, a team of three chief aims: runny or fertilizer tanks, fertilizers and fertilizer dealers collapse of the tube. Packaging: This is an agricultural equipment design, packaging or packaging herbal feed grain straw or other's package (also known as package or alpaca).

Agriculture tools:

Tools can be used for agricultural land use, farming equipment, take sand, weeding, to destroy this country, open ditches, or transportation of fertilizer materials. Agricultural equipment, which specify a wide variety of Barretones: Yes Liver semiplanta steel plant and the metal finish, length of treatment. Fork: The situation is that there is a small wheel and loading freight and agricultural land, whether the sand, clay, fertilizers.Hoe is used: the blade equipped - with metal tip of the lower edge are Tip is shaped device, is to eliminate land for this purpose. They are aimed at cutting tool, there's a long stainless steel sheet and cones, a wooden handle is attached. Dig:, it is preferably a metal plate steel for agricultural land use, Can be woven or so wide, there is a sharp and long-term deal with the low metal timber destroyed. Peak: a steel tool, a rectangular wooden or metal blades down and with the processing of one side and land on which stood as a rectangular blade is designed to have ended. Rake: or to pay or use a thin horizontal metal depends on the structure of teeth bribe of fat seed. Bath: The metal tubes and containers of water, there's many on both ends of a small hole in a round room, used for irrigation of plants. Transplanter: a small, sharp metal edges of the blades and small wooden spoon set. Done to remove the seeds.

Machinery, tools and equipment, differences with differences in their experiment is that the system is responsible for cleaning the soil, while helping the team on the field is what should happen in the country are responsible for getting rid of, for excavation equipment to help bring, and cultivation of new crops. Machinery, equipment and tools, the importance of the importance of agriculture: agricultural machinery pulled, chopped or soil removal, cleaning and planting is done. Agricultural equipment, agricultural land use, to end the mourning ground solution for spraying plants. Open ditches for agricultural equipment, soil load, remove the roots, the weeds, soil excavation and is used in eradication spraying water plant


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