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Monday, November 9, 2009

Indian Economy Overview

In recent years, global economic performance in India, is one of the best, but the rapid growth of inflation and the largest democracy in the world, run the complex, challenging evidence. Recently the stars in 2007 in the global economy, India's economy by (9.2% and 9.6% in 2006, an increase of. To increase support for market reforms and foreign direct investment, foreign exchange reserves increased, both information technology and real estate boom, while the rich the capital market. Like most of the world, facing India in 2008, and testing economic times. Reserve Bank of India has a 4% inflation target, but this year it is running at 11%, the highest for a decade, saw a moderate level. Oil and food, India, the high cost of resources required for all participants in the construction boom. India fast is difficult to compete, especially in the energy market, and to ensure that the new Chinese fossil fuel sources is not good.
Government of India is considering ways and entered the nuclear power plant technology, which can reduce the thirst for oil as part of a comprehensive agreement of nuclear weapons with the United States occurred. Although it offers controversial, leaving the ruling party head of the coalition government of left-wing members. Protection against inflation by one, it was expected, but it will help economic growth in India and the rest is part of a tight monetary policy, and domestic demand will be killed. External demand is going down, which increased the risk of falling. Stock market in India in January 2008 from 40% for 6 months or more occurred.
Foreign capital into the U.S. $ 6b flows during this period in the country, and a slowdown in growth in response to both, while the market was worth more consensus. All the luck and disappointment, still are not as well. A growing number of investors believe that the market is likely to be underestimated, as a buying opportunity. It is the long-term health economic optimism in India, if this is true, then it is necessary corrective, rather than shrinking. Government of India certainly hope so. The country's infrastructure is creaking is a prerequisite, and the 11 for a period of five years stipulated in the plan of 23.8 trillion rupees (about U.S. $ 559 billion investment to upgrade infrastructure. The company from private sector funds, and 70% of the 30% of the cost of the project than expected. seaports, airports, roads and railways, and is important for the Indian economy, and investment objectives. It also hopes that India is a confidence in agriculture.
As well as internal control, to take into account most of the economic activity is now, and they are expanding rapidly abroad. India has contributed more than any other new member, Forbes Global 2000 in the past 4 years.

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