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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Some challenge the definition of the word. "Sustainable agriculture" has become one of them. In such a rapidly changing world, nothing can be permanent? We want to do in order to maintain? How do we will do a vague goal? But it was too late? As the contradictions and on food production, the assessment of the current system in that they pay close attention to the future. If no unexpected events occur, the words "permanent agriculture" and "points" made sense of direction, and immediately, enthusiasm and innovative thinking, so that lead the world in agriculture. Word "conservative", susţinere (Sousse - the United States, under the RSM was held), the continued existence or maintenance, support or long-term stability means. When they and sustainable agricultural systems, "their productivity and social usefulness can be maintained. ... This system is resource conservation, social assistants, business competition, it should be environmentally sound agricultural Permanent in 1990 farm bill, agriculture, and the General Assembly to discuss [1990 food and agriculture, protection, and Trade Act (keta), Public Law 101-624, section XVI, translation, section 1603 (Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, 1990, yes) # 1990 KF1692.A31 invited won]. Under the Act, if a permanent agriculture "plant and animal production practices and in an integrated system for a particular application is long-standing Web site:

  • Human food and fiber needs of Environment and natural resources,
  • improving the quality of the agricultural economy depends on the More effective use of non - renewable resources,
  • agricultural and resource integration,
  • where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls To maintain the economic viability of farm operations Farmers and society as a whole to improve quality of life.
" And the efforts of all parties, longer-term agriculture, which is the stability in the region signed the views of the famous doubles. AFSIC publications, as well as sustainable agriculture: definitions and terminology, an attempt to clarify some common standards, as well as the debate, such a goal is necessary, and defined, including a brief description of these methods, the current practices related to sustainable agriculture. "Popular literature, sustainable agriculture in general when the first of a new thing that the new root (1980). Wes Jackson in mind the increasing publication, until the late 20th century, the widespread use of the mid-80s, is not seen." (A Brief History of agriculture "sustainable development,Senman", the network, 9, No. 2, March 2004. but) to agriculture and food processing services, based on the stability of consideration - in production and use of future generations - is not a new phenomenon.

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