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Monday, November 9, 2009

India to produce over 82 mln tn of wheat this year: IARI

820 thousand tons of wheat in the country produce more of this year, in late September will exceed last year's record rainfall, crops, and research institutes from the soil, a senior official said today is consistent with the IARI. "We certainly wheat, and the year of rain (80.58 million tons last year) with the objectives of Rabbi end. S growth will reach 200 million tons of soil moisture, which helps to maintain a good harvest does not, he said," Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Director Old coordinator Gupta normal operation of things, the Institute based here. In the last week, said Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar government's target of 200 million tons of wheat production this year and that more than 150,000 tons of rice, partly due to floods and drought, and then to compensate for declining production potential.

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