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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cultivation of rice in India

Rice cultivation is no way for all localities. This is quite different in different areas. However, most Asian countries like India, however, traditional methods of rice cultivation and hand harvesting is still practiced. Fields are ready Plowing (typically with simple plows built by buffalo) Fertilizing (usually with dung or sewage), and reboot (by dragging a record). From 30 to 50 beds in its infancy and for seedlings and started a few days later, and farms, which received a shower of rain or river water were taken from the hand.

During the growing season, irrigation is to maintain in some areas. Fields and allows the brain before cutting. It still is known as brown rice hull is covered by rice fields or rice fields, called fields. Before marketing, and inevitably loose rice hulls - are Pete will present and ongoing, or from newspaper or straw mats on open air by tossing winnowed working in a mortar.

Step analysis of rice cultivation in India

  • Climate suiting rice cropping

  • Season for rice cultivation in India
  • Rice land for rice crop cultivation

  • Rice eco-system

  • Rice seed pattern for Rice crop in India

  • Rice cultivation methods in India

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