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Monday, November 9, 2009


In order to promote agricultural mechanization, Strategic management and procedures Have been instructed to promote environmental protection And selective and agricultural equipment The best use of The source of human, animal, mechanical / Power supply and improve land productivity and Labor input and seed efficiency, tilizers train station, pesticides and irrigation water; Agriculture by improving the quality of work The promotion of appropriate equipment Thus reducing the cost of production technology And hard work with the Agricultural work. Farmers Has a broad support Its agricultural equipment.
Tractors and farmers the power of N / tractor implement a sugar cane cutting machine, Threshing, rice transplanter, and vacuum / classes, Irrigation equipment, hand tools and other Human resources support services, such as Development, testing and assessment of 8. Agriculture and Tools System Agricultural equipment and the new performance The technical conditions in the new equipment Agricultural Production Systems . As a result of a variety of programs Implemented by the Government, in the past few years, Agriculture is estimated that the total power supply In 0295 kilowatts / hectare, an increase From 1971 to 1972 to 1.36 kW / ha in 2003-04. Reduction Operating costs, improve productivity, Irrigation efficiency, new equipment Seeds provide tilizer zero training to upgrade the bed Farmers, sugar cane cutting machine, drip irrigation, and rotavators / spray Irrigation equipment has been through the promotion of Different model.

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