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Monday, November 9, 2009

Seed Production System In India :

The seeds in India, especially the 'following steps to seed production system is limited. Recognize that the reproductive system, and certified seed, mainly over three generations, and the provision of quality seed multiplication chain to ensure adequate security to preserve the sanctity of different types, and the flows of farmers who raise livestock.
Breeder Seed
Breeder seed and various types of stress originating breeder or seed nuclei produced by Prajnkon is sponsored. Breeder seed production of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research is a mandate), and assistance is being prepared;
A) Agricultural Research Center, Research Institutes and National Research Centers Research Project All India Coordinated various crops;
B) Centers established in different states with 14 State Agricultural Universities (SAUs);
C) Selected state seed companies, and recognized under the aegis of breeder
D) non-governmental organizations.
ARC Program under the auspices of the National Seeds Corporation (NSC) through promoting the production of breeder seed / State Farm Corporation of India (SFCI), State Seed Company (SSCs), Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agriculture Science Center), etc..
Breeder seed production years, there was a steady increase.
And various agencies and seed production are collected by the greatness and the Ministries of State for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperation (DAC), Agriculture, India, which in turn translate the entire crop is wise information is then sent to the Project Coordinator of the Ministry of Government submitted to the Ministry / agricultural crops, agricultural research related to the project manager responsible for production of various SAUs for the final allocation center / institutions, Agricultural Research Center. Responsibility for production of breeder seed distribution is discussed in the workshop for specific crops, and to a certain level facilities and capabilities available in the centers and the availability of seed nuclei adopt various centers. It should be noted that at least indents and sent to ARC together are only 18 months ago. To create a program to organize and breeder seed production and program monitoring and appropriate evaluation has been established that has been developed proformae reporting. For control conditions are of different types of jams, and the project director or their respective sub, National Security Council representative. Breeder seed production are reviewed each year, Annual Review Meeting of Agricultural Research, Development Assistance Committee of the seed center. Actual production and seed breeders in different centers for agricultural research by the Center for DAC alluded. Agricultural Research Center for information, and seeds available to breeders allocated for all indenters have a uniform way. In case of items that only apply to a particular State, to form Breeder seed and related agricultural SAUs Director / Agricultural Research Center located in State institutions was developed by. Breeders and seed producers, director, or directly on agriculture produced by the seed provided is withdrawn from one institution.
Foundation Seed
Foundation seed and seed breeder seed or foundation seed breeding, one can clearly be traced back to breeding the seeds of future generations need to produce. The National Security Council responsible for the basic seed, SFCI, national seed companies, national agriculture and private seed planting, which is the necessary infrastructure has been assigned to the sector production. Foundation seed field and laboratory testing of the lowest seed seed certification standards, certification standards to meet the needs of both.
Certified Seed
Future generations of certified seed seed seed seed certification is based at least in India must meet the criteria for certification, to the required level in 1988. The issue of self - pollination, seed certification and seed for me more than the base level, as long as three generations of crops is also available from the production of certified seed.
Production and distribution of quality / certified seed is primarily the responsibility of national governments. Production of certified seed by seed companies, national organizations and departments of farms and cooperatives and other seed distribution through various channels, at the village level, and prevent the cooperative societies and retail companies and other private sector for the Government's shop is in the National Security Council are complementary to the seed companies and an important national SFCI production classes. The seed market, and the National Council of Science through its marketing network, and we are through a network of agents. The national agricultural sector, mainly through the state seed companies, seed SFCI market. National Security Council and national seed companies for the production of certified seeds, mainly through contractual arrangements and gradually more and more farmers the system. SFCI in the fields of seed production. The private sector, such as hybrid maize, fodder, millet, cotton, castor bean, sunflower, rice and vegetable crops and the supply of quality seeds, and began to play an important role .
Through the requirements of certification / quality seed of different varieties to assess the crop and seed varieties are mixed, and self-pollinated and a national government on the basis of the replacement rate of vegetation covering the region. Seed supply, the government farms, seed production, seed production, seed companies and agricultural and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a country on the basis of other institutions in determining the right. Government of India on a regular basis to expand the national government, and seed production two - seeds departments and agency annual review meeting and the National Conference of the fall and spring of dialogue with the assessment of needs and the availability of seeds. Agriculture, coordination and cooperation of the agencies and production, the Ministry needs to ensure that seeds and seed and arrange meetings of the biggest.

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