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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A production sufficient but badly distributed?

The full development of agricultural technology allows a unique output, for the post-quintal of maize by the number of hectares of land, and war, because it doubled in 1970, and more than 80 years began to Tam beyond the year 2000. Become a worldwide, perhaps too much detail, but the famine did not stop the construction of division - many deaths. In fact, in particular, productivity growth of corn, soybeans or cotton for these products to obtain the exchange rate started to decline. However, since 1950, the World Bank, agricultural prices fell, it recognizes. Countries, according to the results of the opposite.

Rich agricultural country, rural depopulation, land and buildings of the structural adjustment of the most profitable mining interests, which often results in a good playground with equipment and materials, often associated with the improvement of living conditions of farmers, but who should choose who, talk to us, in addition to their production and sales work, a number of activities.

In the country, farmers in poor countries who are engaged in methods, little or no culture, can not resist breeding value of the world's mechanized cutting: the United States, France and the cheap imports of food in Argentina, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the majority are sold to the location of food production . However, the total grain on the planet have come to form the basis of models. Poor country competition, bankruptcy three rural open, highly mechanized agriculture - what is virtually everywhere in their city and the world's third largest city, a no man's land on behalf of a large-scale migration movements - including the turning point. More dangerous still: food production decline in local consumption and export of coffee farmers in culture, cocoa and peanuts, these instructions fall, and courses:.

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