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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Appearance of agriculture

In agriculture in many areas "and -10.0 thousand," -8 million, of which indicate that between humans and reproduction. Agriculture, processing, consciously or unconsciously, the wild plants, is the result of the collection and selection of nutritional value. Several species of corn and barley, the Middle East, Asia, rice and millet, African millet feed and decisions. New equipment (sickles, hoes, but the digging stick, terrazzo, with needle roller, and then swing - solution), these changes.

Ceramics, "appears -6000 are high-profile part of it. Animal breeding species, up to now are subject to preferential prey: It is a familiar in the Middle East, goats and sheep at the beginning of a growing number of results, cattle and pigs. Dogs," -- 12 000 people as individuals, pets, there is no hunting can play a role, but also pack less. Reproductive allow the use of hijacked to the use of dairy products and clothing. "

The Neolithic Revolution changed the other changes, the main character who is a kind of psychological or social nature: the great hunter and a half sunken rectangular houses, houses a comprehensive collection, in order to build the system in the basement. In urban areas: Creating a" Community Construction ( "the conference room, public housing, the death house?) is separate from the ordinary family." God "a couple to calm: Women of God, on behalf of the naked, his hand supporting his chest, an initial one-person farm (cattle) is the representative in the near future, is the divine and human. all of our East, will lead to the two founders behind the temple. the "a" clear "-7000 invention of the Middle East, completed the acquisition of all of the European transmission .

The Middle East, North America (established in tigers and Euphrate high valleys) for these populations but also because in the water through artificial irrigation channels, due to new contributions to the success of agriculture is not possible (and) in the rain deficit of construction: Southerners' first major contribution to -4 , its crucible of human history is the -4000, especially in urban enterprises, the preparation of the invention.

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