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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

History of agriculture

Appearance of agriculture

The only way these people's lives, because agriculture, plant some type of ants in police reform, while other ants and termites, beyond all doubt the cultivation of mushrooms. Man, for his part started farming a few years ago, a very different agricultural systems because of the invention. In this connection, this worm is different from the original, but any plant or mushroom police involved in only one species is not. Agriculture and contrast, create man for many plants and animals benefit from a great variety of media dependency, often to change.

Various historians and to provide sometimes conflicting principles collected through the drive system of agriculture explain. Economic and social crisis has not been collected for the drive and support for a long time, and the Stone Age is a good, old "closed" because it Marshall Sahlins (Stone Age, Fung years old) shows. The favorite sedentarisation, hunting and rural community resources which includes collection of rare, one time, yet why sedentarisation: To ensure the death of worship - the birth of agriculture and religion at the same time is clearly needed, but sedentarisation be a primitive form of worship results, comparing the outcome of Agriculture sedentarisation - or friendly smiles particularly rich in facts and reasons for good weather with, sedentarisation in - will be the result of agriculture. In any case, the first part of the company under any circumstances farmers hunting, fishing and the crowd to continue living, as well as through the collection of agriculture is a step drive system.

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