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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Development of Hybrid Rice in India

During the last few years in tropical, hybrid rice technology, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia entered the commercialization phase. Research to develop hybrid rice in the 1970s had started in India way back, but with no success. It was in the year 1989, research programs and rapid pace, and 5-year period, half a dozen rice varieties, hybrid rice in India has been developed within public and private sectors. At the end of 2001, a total of 19 hybrid rice varieties were released by.

However, adoption of hybrid rice farmers have been very slow because of several obstacles than expected. Grain and cooking quality characteristics of hybrids, including some major pests and diseases resistance, to increase the average yield on a large scale seed improvement research priorities to reduce seed cost. Policy support for increased government intervention, aggressive popularization of hybrids, and assured a minimum support price requires the purchase of hybrid rice. If these problems can be solved, hybrid rice in India during the next decade at 3-4 million hectares of land for cultivation can be partly to maintain food security. Government on a priority basis during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, hybrid popular (2002-07) is intended.

  • Steps to develop hybrid rice

  • Use the new seed every season and follow the recommended rates

  • Raise healthy seedlings

  • Land ready soon and properly

  • Transplant seedlings empty hills charged

  • Right kind and amount of fertilizer applied at the right time

  • Keep the right amount of water Pest Manage Harvest time

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