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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virus-free citrus plant production

The virus - in Citrus tissue culture laboratory to prepare a number of free seedlings of citrus varieties. Shooting methods, such as grafted seedlings and produce a sharp decline, suggesting that virus (Decline) free with the ELISA, to prove.

Virus disease of citrus trees and many different countries, in particular, a sour orange tree tristeza virus in the agricultural economy and a great loss and grafting citrus trees infected with the tens of thousands of eradication. Spread in the UAE in various fields clearly shows that the proportion of infected trees with the death of an average of 1-16% of the virus. The rapid spread of the disease (smoke citrcidous) is a simple method mentioned in the broadcast, can mechanically grafting scissors, and tools by infected mother is the reason behind the grafted tree. Between the root stock and corruption still exist many differences in the age group 7-10 years of age caused by the death of trees. In order to avoid these reasons, in particular, tissue culture methods and the Decline seedling roots - the maintenance of the stock and lemon crops in order to avoid the distinction between corruption and virus-free citrus - production through the goal and are now considered adequate care and seedlings regular tristeza virus as a vector The spray has been smoke citricidous protected.Shares in the seed growing roots incubation.

Materials and methods:
The technology of the virus-free seed production of three stages.

Step One:
A sodium hydroxide weakened, and the rootstock seed has been planted on solid medium for germination and some important development of salt and hormones can help to speed up preparations to increase the use of vitamins containing bacteria. Test after planting, root plastic pipes to replace the temperature and humidity 15-20 days of incubation machine adjustment. Tube nutrition medium and lime seeds. About 10 centimeters in length caused by the plant up.

Step two: short-graft
After being passed the examination, the investigation led by Lisa virus-free citrus trees bud grafting, in particular tristeza virus platform. They grow equipment (with laminar flow) and ineffective against any pollution, so the title is expected to meristem with a microscope. Root vehicle factory for the first time the preparation had been sterilized, and then remove two of its original, is a built-Ť-shaped columns and put two-thirds of its meristem and corruption is fixed. Required for in vitro culture medium of these materials and cultivation of the Federal Reserve were incubated at room temperature 28-32 with 16 hours to 30 days, the speed of light a day share of the fixed corruption and set up a plant in vitro.

Step Three: Graft hits Tips
The final stage, the laboratory received the green house, the last root planting material - stock transfer store. And then delete the last line is constantly bud grafted plants and whole plant covers an area of increased humidity tick screw plastic bag. Package is to remove the size of plants is a slow open area of her application, consider conducting regular irrigation and fertilization. Therefore, providing a virus-free plants and to avoid incompatible phenomena.

As in agriculture and local and imported varieties of citrus cultivation to expand cultivation, therefore, we have a large-scale organizations - cultural transmission of the virus used in methods of production - which requires a lot of freedom and climatic issues in citrus seedlings Conditions of the United Arab Emirates.

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