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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pineapple fruit - Uses & Benifits

Pineapple is one of those foods that is still safe to eat. Meet a good juicy ripe pineapple is a sweet and envy than any chocolate bar. Besides being a delicious meal, there are many health benefits of pineapple.

  • The benefits of pineapple are all the vitamins and minerals is loaded with fruit. The nutrients include calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C. In addition, it can be low in fat and cholesterol.The benefits of pineapple with a diet of fresh pineapple, canned or frozen or drink its juice to be achieved.

  • One of the benefits of pineapple is that it strengthens the bones healthy. Pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is for your body to build bone and connective tissue necessary. A cup of pineapple provides 73% of the recommended daily intake of manganese. The benefits of pineapple can effect the bone growth in young and strengthening of bones in the elderly.
  • While many people often take vitamin C or drink more orange juice if they look a little cold to eat pineapple. The benefits of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same as the benefits of orange juice, but there is another advantage of the pineapple. Bromelain, found in pineapples, has been shown to help suppress coughs and phlegm to solve.
  • The pineapple is an aid to digestion and an anti-inflammatory fruit. A group of sulfur-containing proteolytic digestive enzymes of pineapple. Fresh pineapple bromelain rich. Bromelain has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory, thus swelling in inflammatory diseases such as acute sinusitis, sore throat.
  • Pineapples are used to help heal bronquitis and sore throats. It is effective in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and anemia. Pineapples are rich in manganese and a cup of pineapple provides 73% of the recommended daily intake of manganese. This facilitates bone growth in young and strengthening of bones in the elderly.
  • Pineapple has been as good for heart disease and should not people with haemophilia or persons that are used, kidneys and liver. This is because it seems the time required for blood clotting can - that's why it's useful for heart patients should be reduced. Pineapple could be useful for women with menstrual problems. Choose ripe fruit of good color for pineapples are not sweet in storage when they are picked green.
  • Pineapple has been shown that for maintaining the good health of the eyes will be important and the protection against age-related eye diseases. There are even beneficial molecules hidden in the stems of pineapples. These molecules have been seen to act as a defense against various cancers.

Pineapple - Nature & Growth

The pineapple is the best known member and most economically important family of pineapple Bromeliaceae. It is the only bromeliad with edible fruits. The family is almost exclusively New World, with over 2000 species, over the pineapple, a native of tropical America. Another African species.

The pineapples are now in the tropics. Pineapple plants are perennials grow from a thick crown near the soil surface. They reach a height of 4 feet, with many rigid 3 meter long leaves often armed with sharp edges.

The pineapple is not really a fruit at all but is a mass of individual fruits, stem central adherent. Therefore, the carpel is at the top has. In fact, the continued growth of the stem longer, when the berries are not attached.Pineapples from seed. Pineapples are easily propagated vegetatively, with crowns, slips, or suckers.

The crown is pushed in vegetative fruit and allow new plants to 2 years to fruit. Short lateral shoots are a little less fruit. Plants from slipping to 20 months to produce fruit. Suckers are the side shoots that grow from the main trunk on the ground, and 17 months time to produce fruit.

Once a pineapple flower, it is still six months, the ripe fruit. Growing pineapples in fruit is certainly a long-term process.The result is ready to enter when yellow.Once apply if the first pair of pineapple cultivation it becomes easier and faster. A ripe pineapple plant produces lots of offspring and the suckers and slips much fruit more quickly.

Each plant produces a fruit spread to the head of the tribe. The fruit of high quality is known to crop production. After the fruit is harvested, to develop several suckers and a year later, producing volunteer "crops. The fruits are smaller and lower quality. A ratoon crop second can develop after the first crop is harvested.

Then, the field is dug up and replanted. The quality of the pineapple is at its best only when the fruit ripens on the plant. They are not sweet, are used to harvest when converted since it does not preserve the strength of beet sugar. The sugar content must come from the rest of the plant.

Pineapples are 15% sugar to the apple and citric acid. In areas near where it is grown, fermented wine pineapple. It is not easy to store, so it is rarely seen outside the tropics. Pineapple contains bromelain, a protein digesting and milk clotting enzyme pepsin only. Bromelain is used commercially for meat and chill-proof beer, soft. The bromelain may be for faith, account, pineapples are good for our digestion.

Mango fruits are oval-shaped egg with a skin soft and supple. Skin is usually a combination of green, red and yellow. The flesh is bright orange interior and soft, with a large, shallow pit in middle.Mango fruits are green when they unripe.The fruits at the end of a long pole stringlike sometimes grow with two or more types of fruit stalk.

The fruits are 2 to 9 cm long and May are kidney shaped, oval or round. They range in size from 8 ounces to about 24 ounces. The flower scar at the top is important, bulging fruit in some varieties. The leathery skin is waxy and smooth, and full maturity pale green or yellow with red, depending on variety. It is not edible and contains a sap that irritates some people. Fruit quality is about the scarcity of fiber and minimal turpentine taste.

The meat is peachlike mango and juicy, with kidney shaped fibers, more or less the membrane envelope of the single large seed. Fibers are pronounced in fruits grown with hard water and chemical fertilizers. The flavor is pleasant and rich and high in sugars and acids.

The seed in May or a single embryo, which produces different polyembryonic a seedling or seedlings that are identical, but not always for the parent type. It is impossible to tell true-to-type from zygotic seedlings from the same fruit. Some plants produce many small parthenocarpic fruits that develop and not to cancel. Mango trees tend to alternate bear.

Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals, nutritional and health value. The fruit is rich prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols and carotenoids.Mangos an excellent source of vitamin C and A, both important antioxidants. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system in health and education of collagen.

Vitamin A is for vision and bone growth.Mangos important are a good source of fiber. Diet low in fat and contain rich in fiber, grain products, fruits and vegetables are associated with reduced risk of certain types of cancer.Mangos contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

Peel the mango contains pigments that anti-oxidant properties in May, as carotenoids, such as provitamin A compound, beta-carotene, lutein and alpha-carotene, polyphenols such as quercetin, kaempferol, gallic acid, caffeic acid, catechins and tannins.

Potassium improves the mango regular heart rhythm, muscle contraction and blood pressure. The appropriate use of potassium can reduce the effect of sodium increase blood pressure and like to contribute to the decrease due to the danger of anti-inflammatory stroke.The Mango Fruit can relieve asthma symptoms.

Mango tree - nature & features

Mango trees are deep rooted, symmetrical evergreens that attain heights of 90 m and a width of 80 feet. The switch just mango leaves lanceolate, 12 to 16 centimeters long and are yellow-green, purple or copper color when young.

Mature leaves are leathery, shiny dark green in color. The new leaves arise in terminal growth of puffs that occur several times a year. Terminal branches of mature bears pyramidal flower panicles that have several hundreds of white flowers, the width of a 1 / 4 inches when they are open. Most function as male flowers with pollen, but some are bisexual and fruiting. Pollination by flies, wasps and bees.

The fruit weighs about 1 / 4 pound to 3 pounds. Fruit may be round, oval, or obovate, depending on variety. The unripe fruit is green, the skin becomes progressively yellow, orange, purple, red, or combinations of these colors as the fruit ripens. Mature fruits have a distinctive odor and a smooth, thin, hard skin.

The ripe mango pulp is pale yellow to orange. The flesh is juicy, sweet and sometimes fibrous. Some undesirable plants or varieties are described as holding a wide-turpentine flavor. The fruit is a seed that has stabilized and adheres to the meat. The seeds contain one or more embryos depending on the variety or type.

Mango can be eaten raw as a fruit dessert or processed into various products. The ripe fruit can be sliced and canned or processed into juice, jams, jellies, jams and nectars. Eastern and Asian cultures use green mangoes for pickles, mango chutney and relishes.unripe be sliced, dried and powdered amchoor used cooking.flour is made of mango seeds. The seeds are also eaten in times of food shortage. The wood is used for boats, flooring, furniture and other applications.

These plants are mostly authentic, and May, the seeds are grown without the need for grafting.Grafted trees grow more slowly than the seedling trees and are often smaller. The grafted trees produce fruit usually 3 to 5 years occur in arid areas, while seedling trees usually less than five years in storage.

Mango trees can remain in production for 40 years or more. Inarching is sometimes done to increase the varieties of mango, and older trees may be topworked. Mangoes are not propagated by cuttings or air layering, because the resulting weakly rooted trees.

Guava fruit - Hub of health benifits

Guava is a tropical fruit that is shaped like a pear, with green flesh and pink or white rind and small seeds. Some people say that Guava is better than orange because guava contains more vitamin C than oranges and mangoes, is much cheaper than orange.

  • Guava help control diabetes, protect the prostate, its Lypocene reduces the risk of cancer, the juice of the leaves cures toothache, swollen gums and heals ulcers, wounds when used externally, convulsions, epilepsy, bacterial infections.
  • Guava can surpass many other fruits, including oranges and other citrus, too, if caused by the concentration of vitamin C, scurvy and the lack of which is the only way for her. It contains five times more vitamin C of oranges.
  • Guava is very useful for those who want to lose weight without reducing their intake of protein, vitamins and fiber. Guava is very high and forage rich in vitamins, protein and minerals but no cholesterol and less digestible carbohydrates, fills very satisfied appetite and very easily.
  • Guava reduces cholesterol and prevents blood thickening, making the blood flow and reducing blood pressure. Studies have shown that dietary fiber, which are not adding blood pressure by rapid conversion to sugar. Guava, very rich in fiber and helps hypoglycemic in nature, reduce blood pressure.
  • Guava can improve skin structure and preventing skin problems is more than the best creams or gels can make the skin toner. This is mainly due to the abundance of astringents in fruits and leaves of guava. Guava is very, very rich in vitamin A, B, C and potassium, a very good anti-oxidant and detoxifying and keep you, your skin radiant and free of aging, wrinkles and other problems.
  • Juice of raw mango and blackberries or decoction of guava leaves is very useful for the relief effect on the cough and cold remedies to resolve the cough, reducing phlegm, disinfection of respiratory, throat and lungs and inhibits microbial activity due to its astringent properties. Guava is one of the richest in vitamin C and iron, which proved to be a prevention against cold and viral infections.
  • Guava is one of the sources of fiber wealth. Its seeds, if chewed or swallowed whole, serving as an excellent laxative. These two properties of guava help make the intestine, they retain water and cleanse your intestines and excretory system thoroughly. It is said that constipation may lead some to more than 70 complaints.
  • Guava is very rich in astringents that binds to lose in the bowels of diarrhea. These astringents are curable in nature and alkali disinfectants and antibacterial properties and help dysentery by inhibiting microbial growth and removing extra mucus in the intestines. In addition, other nutrients in guava grows stronger, like vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium, and strengthens the digestive system.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guava tree - A natural tree

Guava is a shrub or tree, shadow, in general, grows naturally often in private gardens in the tropics. Guava trees grow normally up to a height of four meters and has large leaves with visible veins. The leaves grow in pairs opposite each other on the thin, but the company has also planted branches.The small white flowers that have multiple colors tamen likely smoothing or pear-shaped, yellowish fruits, meat, guava seeds.The Ensemble apink or yellowish color and is very tasty and nutritious. The most important thing is that the fruit rich in vitamin C content .

The guava is a perennial, with a pile of leaves and therefore provides an excellent shade while the leaves of the plant have therapeutic properties. The fruits of this kind can be eaten fresh when ripe or used for the preparation of beverages, ice cream and thickened to jam, jelly or jam to make. In the Amazon region, fertile, a cat, you can reach a height of 20 meters and fruits, are important in the size of a tennis ball. However, the nature of the commercial cultivation of guava trees and shrubs usually grow to a height of 10 meters and fruits that look like lemons on the trees size.Guava are different because they are usually thin, soft copper tones bark revealed a green layer under peeling.

Although guava is an important product in international trade, which grows abundantly in tropical climates, and to provide food to provide hundreds of millions of people in tropical regions worldwide. This species has spread to the entire world, and naturalized in the tropics, due to a number of reasons. Guava is transmitted primarily by seed, but the tree can be grown by grafting.

The plant is not only able, in a variety of soils and spreads easily flourish. There are also easily and in abundance. Since each of the guava contains several seeds, it can give to many fruit orchards in the space of just four years. In the Amazon rain forest monkeys and birds thrive happily in the ripe fruit and mangoes for the dissemination of seeds to bear fruit in their feces. Therefore, we find a group of spontaneous growth of guava shrubs or trees in the region.

Cured guava eaten raw and tastes delicious. The fruit is cut into slices and include salads and desserts. In many parts of the world, cooked, guava and a strong odor when you cooked.In the tropics, people use the leaves, roots, bark and unripe fruit of the guava gastroenteritis, dysentery and diarrhea because of its astringent properties halting. While the leaves of guava paste are externally injuriesulcers in painful places and body applied, tender leaves of the tree are chewed to relieve and treat disease, bleeding gums toothaches.

A decoction of guava leaves is willing widely believed to have prepared to treat the neck and chest problems.The decoction of guava leaves proved to be very effective to stop the vomiting and diarrhea in patients with guava wood is widely used in turning and Carpenter used

Sunday, December 20, 2009

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apple - Nutritional & Medicinal benifits

Eating 2 apples a day, their cholesterol levels by at least 10% are people who are suffering from gout and arthritis, will be for. Regularly eat apples, because it will aid. An apple juice, 3 times a day in profit alcohol apple settled body.

Another is said to prevent virus that is the problem with your stomach for. If you have problems with indigestion, meals.Grated apple, when mixed with live yogurt before eating apples can be helpful in cases of diarrhea.

Apple strengthen teeth cleaned gum.Will cholesterol levels and body lower.Detoxify constipation one can also antiviral property.Apple because it helps digestion.

One Big Apple that the minimum amount of daily fiber intake should be approximately 30 % of supply. Although only a small amount of apple vitamin C, vitamin K 1500 mg apple to eat 100 grams as provides the same amount of antioxidant activity.

Apples and apple juice outstanding detoxifiers can destroy viruses in the body. Regular users of apple heart disease risk, reduce certain kinds of cancer and other chronic diseases. Apple partially these beneficial influence of flavonoids has been attributed to its high content whose intake is inversely related to the incidence of many old diseases.

Its contribution of food is breaking even more harmful bacteria in the body prevents is multiplied. Even respiratory infections can be kept in Bay, sore throat reform, reduction and nose discharge.

Apple consumption will promote hair growth.Antioxidants think heart disease and cancer can also help protect against development.It wrinkling are keeping your skin.

Pectin, a soluble .78 grams per 100 gm of edible fruits found in the rate of apple fiber, apple to play an important role in reducing cholesterol.Intake thought is related to low risk of thrombotic stroke.

Apple, which is low fat, high fiber and prostate enlargement, prostate cancer associated with lower incidence. With other substances are used to thin blood and potassium in apple apple helps to control blood pressure.

Apple,the fiber diet also helps, manganese calcium, magnesium, silicon and iron as growth blood.Minerals sugar to control volume and nasal bones in the crowd is sometimes useful to make stronger.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Apple tree - Nature

Common apple tree is a member of the rose family.The trees are more commercially grows wild in the Pacific States, the United States in eastern and southern Canada. The tree species sometimes known as Heaven Apple or are just plain apples.

Scientific name of tree, Malus pumila yet due to the genetic history of the tree line across the second larger scientific name Pyrus malus, Malus domestica and Malus sylvestris are included. Because different varieties of apple tree production deliberately over time has been exceeded, size, color and taste of apples vary.

Common apple tree scaly bark that ranges in color from pink to gray brown. Tree leaves oval, flat and wide with jagged edges. Leaves to 5 inches long and 2 1 / 2 inches can be wide.Mature tree canopy spreads that can reach 25 feet in height with 15-25 ft range.

Mature trees are common around the tree trunk diameters 24 inches. In the spring the tree produces white flowers have five petals. These flowers are tinged with pink often. Trees heat, which can be yellow or green color red fruit develops. Fall fruit reaches perfection.

Tree likes full sun to light and most any soil can be managed because it is moist and well aslong is draining. Because most do not self pollinate apple trees, two or more different species of trees should be planted with the tree will bear fruit one. Various species of trees that bloom time is like planting of healthy, would provide more abundant fruit.

Common apple tree fruits consumed whole, or pies, cakes, cider, jelly form can be used in cooking, preserves and other food products. House and tree fruit and medicinal products for use in a kind of small pieces of wood and wood furniture is to have craft.

Trees for wildlife food and shelter also serves as the supply is. For apple trees they pruned a central leader, which is a main trunk is needed. For the health of apple trees Pruning is important and needs to be done yearly.

Strawberry - Benifits & Values

Medicinal values & Benifits

Strawberry is a member of the family rose and is unique in that this place is the fruit with seeds inside out. They also have a very healthy fruit, being loaded with vitamin C and folic acid as being a good source of nutrients, they are also high fibre.but, and model all must be part of daily diet . Some health benefits from eating strawberries regularly one can get and the best thing strawberries is one of the most delicious fruits.

Add fresh strawberries for food, whether salads, smoothies, or yourself are in a great way to one servings of fruit and well rounded body, a range of nutrients will give a healthy immune system.Strawberries contained, with Vitamin C group head. He also phytonutrients and antioxidants, which fight free radicals are important levels. The antioxidant properties linked to what is considered the strawberry bright red.

Besides vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese even strawberries, as well as folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty eating raw fruits acids.Strawberry, a very good provide source or juice, desserts, jam, syrup and used in making wine. Fruits, leaves and roots are used medicinally too.

Nutritional values & Benifits

Ripe strawberry pear is very appreciated, especially if cold and half with a spoon so small that meat can be eaten. Juice is enjoyed as a cold drink. Create a whole fruit juice is used in the pastry and candy colors. And can be cooked fruit Unopened flowerbud vegetable.Strawberry Remove one Powder, Fragaria vesca, face creams, lotions, soaps, face and body scrubs, natural soap can be used as more colorants can be used in the form of ate at.

Strawberries are low in calories: unsweetened one cup of strawberries has only 55 calories. So if you are on a low diet, use strawberries taste, add value to food, and food for pleasure. As one among you some food can eat fresh strawberries Cup of ascorbic acid, which provides about 88 mg to 45 mg more than the average adult's recommended daily allowance of food is better.

Fat and calories, strawberries are high in fiber, naturally low, except for vitamin C, folate, potassium and antioxidants. Compared to apples, oranges or bananas as they score the highest in the fruits of nutrients. Everybody fresh strawberries, frozen or dried can eat. There desserts, cakes, muffins, cereals, yogurt or salads are recipes for strawberry. Strawberries can also drink all the shakes, juices or drinks.

Strawberry tree - Locations & Features

This evergreen shrub or small tree, usually about 3-5m tall, but may develop as high as the plant family Ericaceae is a member 12m.The strawberry tree. Oval-shaped leaves of a tree with their jagged edges and length toothy role is about 5 to 8 cm. Clusters of white flowers appear in autumn, with a bright orange or red berries that ripen from last year with.

In November and December strawberry tree produces masses of beautiful white flowers. Red flowers than fruits that are up to turn a small strawberry. Strawberry tree berries spiked with circular form of many small tubercles takes. To take a full year of berries fully ripen and are sometimes referred to as the apple. Since the fruit takes 12 months to ripen, mature fruit trees and flowers both at the same time and then are incredibly beautiful. Fruit is good enough to treat the tree falling when it is fully ripe.

This is a good idea to ensure that the fruit fell on a soft surface so that it is not damaged is falling. Short grass is very good for this. If you wait for fruit to fall, it could be taken when the color is deep red and very soft touch. It will begin within 24 hours eaten or decay is needed. When it is fully colored fruit you can get, but still very firm, and then shop for a few days. It's a wonderful plant known as a sample in a lawn, and it very well on the edge of a woodland garden is sunny.

If there are some lower branches, it is possible to produce new plants by layering. You branch at the base of the young wood a small incision with a knife and then the stubble field. This can take up to 2 years, but the agency usually will produce roots and can be separated from the plant for parents when she is growing away wildlife food and successfully.The strawberry tree and a shelter for humanity source. A shrub border or woodland garden strawberry tree, a small specimen tree or as an excellent choice.

Strawberry tree for coastal areas is a good option because it is the Mediterranean climate is the best in tree tolerant.Strawberry salt, cold, wet winters and mild, with dry summers. It is not in the continental climate, hot, humid summers and cold winters with. Strawberry tree has bark used in making leather. Fruit is edible, but flour and tasteless. Strengthen strawberry tree known as fermented wine tasting medronho are. Fruit preserves also are used.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Banana - Importance & uses

There are various important uses which proves banana a vital food source in our regular diet .Out of it major uses of banana are divided into two types. they are as follows :

Nutritional values

Because their impressive potassium content, bananas high for patients whose potassium is low, doctors are advised. A large banana, about 9 inches in length, 602 mg of potassium and only 140 calories are packed. Protein and 2 grams of the same large banana 4 grams of fiber is. Banana was considered an important food no wonder that promote the health of malnourished children! Low sodium in your diet wrong with the sodium 2 mgs just can not go with a banana. For carbohydrate counters there a big 36 grams of carbs are in bananas.

Vitamin and mineral rich banana, are offering 123 IU of vitamin A large size. A whole range of B vitamins Thiamine, Riboflavin, .82 mg Niacin, .88 mg vitamin B6, and 29 mg of folic acid is present with .15 mg .07 mg. Vitamin C 13.8 there's the amount of iron scale mineral exploration and nutritional data, all together with zinc.Putting 9.2 mg calcium, magnesium 44.1 mg considered less than, but clearly shows mg fruit banana is among the healthiest. Banana, when cooked, rates on some vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber content in the nutrition level is more like a banana.

Medicinal values

High in iron, bananas to encourage the production of hemoglobin in the blood and can help in cases of anemia. This unique tropical fruit yet low in salt is very high in potassium, helping to beat blood pressure perfect for preparing food. If so, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bananas fruit industry's ability to reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke for the government is allowed to claim. High in fiber, banana diet can help restore normal bowel action include, without resort to laxatives to help overcome the problem.

People suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. Bananas because tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin - known to relax you, improve your mood and generally faster method of treating a hangover you think a banana pudding happier.One is making, sweet with honey. With banana and honey calms stomach, strong makes blood sugar levels are low, while the milk soothes and hydrates your system.

Banana in the body so if you a natural antacid effect suffer from heart, try eating a banana for soothing relief burned. Between meals the blood sugar levels Snacking on bananas to keep up in the morning for the insect bite cream helps prevent access sickness.Before, try a banana skin in the affected area have come in contact. Many people help the swelling and high irritation.Bananas B vitamins to lower down the nervous system seems surprisingly successful.

To avoid panic induced food cravings, we high-carbohydrate foods (such as bananas) stabilization levels every two hours snacking on our need to control blood sugar levels. Vitamin B6 is there blood sugar levels, which can affect your mood controls. Help SAD sufferers because they Bananas natural mood enhancing, trypotophan can include.

Bananas can also help people trying to smoke as Vitamin C, A1, B 6, B-12 they are, as well as high levels of potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body nicotine withdrawal. Eating recover from the effects of diet as part of regular bananas as much as 40% can reduce the risk of death from stroke! Banana. Because of its soft texture and smoothness against diseases of the stomach is used as diet food. It's only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in old ulcer cases. The coating with more than neutralises-acidity and reduces irritation of the stomach lining.

Banana tree - Origin & Nature

Banana tree - Nature & origin

Bananas - the plants can grow to 15 meters, but most plants 3 to 9 m with a different firm and creamy flesh excellent sweets, bananas in their yellow jackets available prepackaged and in a year's crop. This is a big 4 x 1 m leafs that can develop as wild banana plant come originally from India and the Malaysian region are cultivated on all continents have tropical and sub tropical. After peeling the skin a delicious banana is eaten with fingers. Very raw banana fried banana types are also cooked, fried or deep depends on. Bananas are basic food in many tropical countries.

Banana tree is an herb that high can get above the height of 15 meters is not. It is a perennial that own space. Banana is not bigger than a seed or a bulb but from rizhome. A bunch of banana plant banana crop planting, between 9 to 12 months from the time goes. Flowers appear in the sixth or seventh month. Bananas are available throughout the year.

Its leaves are usually grouped together, creating a trunk (pseudostem) like structure. Banana origins Malaysia or any time of year India.Banana tree flowers can be sure: Generally, a horizontal fashion fruit, which fruit is the banana weight becomes sufficient.The standing in clusters to develop Anywhere in which individual fruits grouped in bunches, "hand," known as the 10-25 with banana banana 50-150.

Second inflorescence leaf sheaths, about three months is visibile to the tree are required for this matureBanana high soil organic farming is the best one, a little acid (5.5-7.0) with a neutral to pH. Generally, for a water plant is required to develop and produce bananas. Size 3-4 months before a bunch of plants and 'hand' (banana-group) does influence the number of loads.

Man with a fertilizer solution 6-2-12 young plants are best, with 3% magnesium. Almost every 2 months to implement solutions, and about 10-18 months later after fruiting will be complete. Since this herb barren, publicity is the only way is to remove suckers from the original plant. As a young woman developed flourishing, they look like slender green fingers. Soon each group sheds Bracts are ripe banana fruit with a "hand", and weight is back with the bunch to stalk droops. 'Hand' varies with the number of species and diversity.

Do bananas have seeds ?

Yellow bananas that we (Actinidia deliciosa) to eating seeds, but they are so small they operate, they are not useful for plant breeding are not (meant) are doing. Wild banana species huge seeds, keep essential for plant breeding. If we define the word "fruit", we can say that this is a mature seed which the ovaries. In fact, bananas and right are referred to as a berry! Banana is very difficult seeds of wild varieties of them for us (in return for food must, it's hard to sell them for banana growers do!) Happen.

We all have to eat bananas being cultivated seedless is the exact purpose (or very small they are barely visible with the seed) is obtained from the triploid cultivated varieties (meaning that the genes of three is set, two sets instead of the normal practice is found in wild varieties). Therefore, the revised banana sexual reproduction is impossible, and they will be parents above the plant.

Cashew nut - Cultivation process

For the purpose of processing raw cashew nut in shell from the healthy, tasty kernel quotes. Most modern factories designed to achieve the maximum number of whole nuts are more open and possibly in the form of oil. In a series of processing steps can be subdivided as follows :


Cut for a few days in the sun drying are crazy. Properly dried before 2 years for mad can store is being shelled. Insane are caustic shell oil and acrid smoke discharge cashing. If not impossible, open hand before firing oil has been removed. To be protected from contamination from open pit oil, because it causes blisters in the mouth and throat when eaten. Roasted nuts before they must be soaked in water to provide moisture are opening up in the oil-containing cells in the open it is to maintain and rupturing. Is a little rubbery and kernel moisture fell breaking the limit. The easy way to wet heap big pile of balls in use being mad and Sprinklers. Steam can also be used.
Simple method for roasting hot crazy one minute in an open pan with holes about. Acid fumes and continue to be if crazy is doused with water to catch fire should fire. A more efficient method slanting perforated cylinder that is rotated above a fire use. Oil flows through the open hole in cylinder and is collected through one to capture. After the roasting process, ash or dust thrown into the crazy addition to still hold the butt of the shell oil has been removed.


This is the toughest job in cashew processing. Firing is done by women workers in India, mostly cheap. Firing wire bent piece special wooden mallets and was using, the rate per hour is less than about 200 mad. Mechanical methods of firing due to irregular walnut shape, the fragility of the shell and kernel hardness are difficult to design. Some mechanical processing plants from compressed air is used to crack nuts.

Latest Open around Windmer and Ernst method to cut a hose and started with a modified metal plate centrifuge shells in place. Thrown against the plates and nuts are broken by centrifugal forces when the machine spins. The 85% with this method it is possible to achieve full kernels.

Testa removing

First thin, papery seed coat (testa) can be removed, the kernels must be dried. At 70 degrees Celsius on crazy big racks are dried in an oven shell is dry and brittle and is easily removed. Membrane is removed from the remaining portion bamboo knife. Modern factories use electronic machines that shell are then solved and the remaining piece of hand with clear detection of mad. Kernels, whole and broken, 6 grading program are resolved. Is broken or just black and a small demand for the unevenly roasted kernels.

Cashew nut - Major uses

Shell Oil about a quarter of a mass of unshelled walnuts represents nearly equal to kernel. The fluid, the term "shell oil as an oil" indicates, but by a combination of core cardol anacardic acid and is not open more than product.There 200 patents are registered using the different oils. One of the most important uses is in the manufacture of brake linings. Shell oil content that many heat, abrasion, acid and caustic products, for example clutch plates will be resistant, special isolators, varnish and plastic materials for construction are used. Insect repellent wood and used in making book cases and packing boxes. A place for gum Arabic gum, and insect repellent glue in book bindings as used. Nuts and apple is a compound that combats tooth decay was found.

Uses of apple, stem & leaves

Apple is very perishable, but very healthy. It can be eaten fresh or juiced. Medicine, wine, liquor, wine, fruit, pickles and glazed fruit preservation are also made from cashew apple. In Brazil, fresh cashew nuts - apple tray and packaged in retail fresh cashew production in the productive sectors outlets.The indigenous people such as leaves, bark used as different parts of plant are marketed, gum, wood , juice and roots for preparing a local drug or insect repellent - mix. And leather used in making bark is rich in tannins are. Kernel as diet around animal papery seed coat can serve.

Cashew tree - Importance and nature

Cashew tree - Importance & its nature

Cashews, walnuts are fast growers and a tropical evergreen tree. It grows to a height of 12 meters bloom occurs between November and January. In the third year after planting trees, flowers sprout. Fully cashew apple fruit ripens within months.The 2 walnut size which is attached to the bottom of the conically.

Cashews (seed) hangs at the bottom of apples, nuts and seeds c outside of the shell is shaped.The is edible kernel or nut inside. Raw cashew kernel as its soft, white, and is passionate. When roasted it changes color and taste. As the most delicious nut palate, this salty appeal.

Cashew apple and cashew best source of nutrition. Five times more vitamin C than an orange cashew apple is more calcium, iron and a lemon, avocados and other fruits as banana contains Vitamin B-1.

Remove shells from cashew shell oil and caustic water causes skin. Mucous membranes of the mouth and throat badly affected when the ball of smoke emitted during oil or roasting disturbed come in contact. Many uses shell liquid oil.

Cashew tree - Benifits

Cashew tree planting several environmental benefits. Allows the presence of cashew orchard farmers who harvest a local forest from annual pruning requires cutting down trees indigenous to destroy large quantities of wood to reduce the stress is.

Since cashew trees grow well in harsh environments where other trees can not grow, cashew orchard farmers to reclaim waste land gives. Even the birds of the garden, to serve as habitats for bees, and wild animals that promote biodiversity.

Cashew trees help fight malnutrition more vitamin C than oranges more than its apples. Since this fruit is not a long shelf life, it always is consumed locally with its consumption is to ensure that local people benefit.

Cashew trees that farmers great windbreaks to protect their crops from harsh winds, which ultimately led to higher crop yields are allowed to serve as. This in turn helps to ensure that farmers can feed their families.

Cross-pollination and self pollination of cashew seeds play an important role in the formation. Seedlings not so great diversity and "scuba" seed.Nuts can be should weigh between 8 and 9 G with density at least 1.0 show the truth. Gray to yellow apple most resistance against anthracnose has demonstrated and are associated with trees with the best production.

For families living in tropical cashew tree structure as the service is a great shadow. Underneath its dense crown, people with comfort and protection from the sun hold social functions. Found throughout tropical cashew treesare.

This is an important crop in the developed world's ability to solve many environmental problems in construction and as a source of wood for cooking with the rural community provides, reduces erosion, and employment opportunities And a very nutritious food source with the local community provides.

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Pear fruit - Major benifits

Pear fruit - Nature

Be related to a sweet apple pear fruit that is said. It's about the size of an apple seed with a number of original, like an apple. Unlike Apple, however, most pear varieties are paper, thin skin peel which is not easy. ¾ skin yellow, green, brown, red, or light-colored flesh of pears these colors.The a different combination of juicy, sweet and mild as common. Its texture is soft and buttery and grainy meat varieties. We usually pear-shaped bell as thinking, but some varieties are almost a circular shape like a year apple.Pears season, but especially the end of June to February, on various types depends.

Pear fruit - Nutritional values

Pears are an excellent source of water soluble fiber. The vitamins A, B 1, B 2, C, E, folic acid and niacin are. The copper, phosphorus and is rich in potassium, calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, sodium and others with low levels sulfur.Some quality than iron content. It can be seen when a cut is pear brown. If it does not turn brown, it means that iron content is very low or non existent.

Pear fruit - Health values

Pears as the recommendation is often a hypo allergenic fruits that is high in fiber, but is least likely to produce adverse reactions. Pear juice for infants will be presented as safe, they are lightweight, yet healthy. Anti-oxidant and anti-pears, which help carcinogen glutathione hypertension and high vitamin C and copper stroke.The good as anti-material damage Act to prevent oxidants that protect cells by free radicals.

The lower cholesterol content in pear pectin than juicing levels.When, for help for their valuable fiber that your colon health to eat the pears are very beneficial is very useful. Is a mild laxative and diuretic effect in pear pectin. Pear juice regularly drinking pear juice helps regulate bowel movements.You natural source of energy and can achieve rapid, high volume largely due to its fructose and glucose.

Pear is excellent in relieving fever in the cold effect. The best way to bring down a fever quickly a large glass of pear pear anti juice.The drinking is in oxidant nutrients are important in building your immune system. Pear juice drink juice when you feel an anti-inflammatory effect helps coming.Pear cold and suffering from severe pain relief in various inflammatory conditions. Pears are high levels of boron. Boron in the body retain calcium, thus helps prevents or retards osteoporosis. Folate (folic acid high content) in infants prevents neural tube defects.

In the summer heat, children may be due to shortness of breath, excessive phlegm is from. P during this period help explain one reason for summer phlegm.The pears are in season during the pear juice. Pear juice to drink every morning and night during this time your body cool down helps. This helps prevent neck is Nutrition and throat problems. With some raw honey Boil two Chinese pear juice and hot drinks. Throat and vocal cord therapy for this highly.

Pear tree - Do you know ?

Europe and Asia are the original pear. Romans at the time were about 50 species of pears. Till 1860 an American writer TW Note that there about 850 farms pears were running. There are several varieties. There 2 main varieties of pears, namely, European and Asian.

Asian pears also because of firm apple crisp pear fruit is known as. European pears, soft fruit production juicer. Fresh Asian pear fruit trees are taking excellent time. European pears should be picked when the fruit matures, but before that they're cooking. Pears in one long mature state can be stored.

All Asian pears should be considered self cultivars, irrelevant, which means you as a partner for pollination purposes in one plant more fruit and Asian pear cultivar is needed. Some European varieties are self pollinating, but many more fruit if a compatible pear-tree pollination help is available.

Pear trees are growing rapidly and usually after 3 to 5 years from start to bear fruit. Like apples, pears are usually sold as a grafted tree and so requires pruning and training. Pear tree with its shiny dark green leaves are attractive and tasty fruit trees as well to provide. Pear leaves simple, thin, jagged, and bright green color.

Pear fiber diet, rich in vitamins, and minerals. They eat out of hand and are excellent for salads. Pear and control cholesterol or fat are not low calorie. Pears are an excellent source of potassium and calcium. We offer many varieties of pear and they are displayed below.

Laden with fruit trees to be finished, so the fruit is thin, only one or two per cluster. More than a burden on the tree.pears without being to big fruit flavorful, fresh food or Cooking, are good for growing easier and a little weird. Trees are great for the scene and when spring is beautiful smothered in white flowers.

Fruits are more expensive than some other fruits in many shops, Asian pear tree in the garden to be a wonderful. Or from the garden. This is a beautiful vertical productive spring clean leaves and white, fragrant flower group. That the one apple and pear fruit and are very crispy taste like a cross between follow.

Jack fruit - Various types of food uses

Generally, most of the West in a state of complete but immature acceptable jackfruit, when he has no offensive odor and cooked breadfruit and green bananas will excels. The time for cooking large cuts in only fruit, only obstacle being its copious gummy latex which accumulates on the knife and until they are hand rubbed with salad oil.

Light amounts of boiled tender, cut meat is delicious when in fact, until the water is salty and a vegetable shell served as the seeds, if cooked properly, including flour and agree. Rub with oil from the holding vessel Latex can be removed. Raw fruit or meat curry with experimentally packed in brine. It can also dry for one year should be kept in tins. Across dry, in the domestic market in Thailand are selling raw jackfruit sections. Tender young fruit may be spiced with or without spices.

If is allowed to ripen jackfruit, bulbs and seeds can be removed, or, if indoors, aromatic residues should be removed from the kitchen at once. So fun raw bulb (or with coconut milk or otherwise) can make, or ice cream, chutney, jam, jelly, paste made "leather" or papad, or Chinese with Citric Acid or made with honey syrup Packaged in a couple. Preference for the crisp type canning Jackfruit are. Packaged product is more attractive than fresh pulp and is sometimes called "vegetable meat". Create or focus on mechanical bulb cooked jackfruit nectar or powders are less pulped. Apart from synthetic flavoring and ethyl-n-120 at 4 ppm and 100 ppm of butyl esters-hydroxybutyric acid, respectively, improving the taste of a canned fruit and nectar.

If the bulb is boiled in milk, when will the drought and cold and a pleasant jelly, as an orange custard. A Patent Law in India, can be dried bulb is cooked and fried in oil for food and snacks like potato chips. In 1917 Brazil was in the box Candied jackfruit pulp is being marketed. Advanced methods of conservation and jackfruit pulp Central Food Technology Research Institute candying, Mysore, India has been formulated. Bulb cooked, sliced and packed in sugar syrup with Citric Acid said, and stable, good for one year, color, taste and texture is retained. At room temperature for canned jackfruit 63 weeks quality retains only 3% of B-carotene with losses of 80 degrees 75 degrees F (-26.67 C 23.89 ° °),. When frozen, canned pulp is good for 2 years.

Malaya, which is not averse to the smell of grapefruit, cut in half jackfruits small, seeded, cold, and snow cream.The ripe bulbs, fermented and then distilled to bring across the table, a powerful liquor.The produce seeds, which appeal to everyone's taste, can be boiled or roasted and eaten, or boiled and preserved in syrup like bullets. He also has successfully shut down in brine, in curry, and baked beans, tomato sauce, like,. They are often included in curried dishes. Dry roasted, ground seeds are making one for flour mixed with wheat flour which is sacred to.

Where large volumes of jackfruit is available, it is meaningful to use inedible portion and bark with the Citric acid has been found to produce a fair jelly. A pectin peel extract, and core perianths underdeveloped, or can be made only from the inner bark, and waste a tobacco groups curing.Tender jackfruit leaves and young men used for flower production and molasses can cook vegetables as served.

Jack tree - Features

Jack about a large tree growing to 40-45 feet tall is evergreen. Often seen growing in the backyards of homes.especially Kerala South Indian, Jack, a variety of specific features - sorts.First the uncrowned herbarium shows, her cards are not all alike in size, although overall they are ovate and one shiny, leather's surface. Leaves some result that leaves, where a stagnation of development look like, is different with stop growing in some areas of their surface. So much tree, a different size, a variety of leaves, a situation described as one of the habitual heterophylly by botanists have seen.

A second feature is that the flower inflorescence (- branch effect) at the end of the angle that leaves a plant branch or stem with Terminally makes, does not arise from, as in most cases. Instead, they share one old trunk, old, one feature that is known as cauliflory go out. That's why you Jack fruit growing on the trunk, rather than see the cards. Of course, cauliflory is seen in a very few other trees.

A third special feature is that a whole fruit is in full flower branch. Custard apples can be compared with. Custard apple in which female part (flower gynoecium) are very different in the ovaries, each fruit to grow in the ovaries and Jack have all in one place eventually fruitlets uneasily.But, increases in the advancement Mixed fruit, fruit number called. So, while many fruit custard apple flowers come in (though gathering look like one) in Jack, from a whole inflorescence (flower branch), one gets a whole fruit. Hypanthodium called Jack's progress. The number of male and female flowers on a central axis which has been shared.

Pollination is over once after fertilisation, fertilized female flowers develop into fruits start. Fruit itself is not of importance. What you say and calyx Corolla here - together, because a lack of discrimination referred to as perianth - large supply of natural food and get livelier start. Due to swelling and concurrent and long axis, a major fruit of the outcome of other types of development.

Outer skin of the fruit is green and warted. Through which the fertilized female flower sheaths these warts are passed styles. 'Every' fruit inside a membranous bag with one large seed. However, all the female flowers do not fertilized. Since fertilisation (perianth mainly starch) is exciting because of the flow of food, like these unfertilised flower ribbon - remains, in the center with a dark sadness. That has been a sadness that fruit was the flower has been fertilized and the seed match and by which it is covered membrane bag. As Jack fruit technically 'called' sorosis.

Food section has made Jack perianth.The medicinal value has been known for centuries tribes. Treatment of complications after shooting young Santals distribution or use paste flowers. The skin, thighs and other body parts in plaster on the wounds, use leaf.

Papaya fruit - Nature , Types & Nutritional values


This page is dedicated to discussions about the papaya fruit. This is the most valuable of all tropical fruits. It is a nutritious fruit. Papaya protein, minerals and essential nutrients like vitamins can meet daily needs. Not only the most easily digested fruits, papaya is one of, but also aids digestion of other foods. Raw papaya juice, many skin disorders is a problem, is useful.


There papaya, Hawaii and Mexican are two types. Supermarkets commonly found in Hawaii papaya varieties. Pear-shaped fruit of these generally take about £ 1 is the weight and yellow skin when ripe. Flesh is bright orange or pink depending on variety, with small black seeds clustered in the center. Are easy to Hawaii papaya crop because the plants rarely grows longer than 8 feet. Mexican papayas are more types of air is large and can weight more than 10 pounds to 15 inches will be long. Body yellow, orange or pink can be. At the Hawaii papaya flavor intense, but still very tasty and very funny. They are doing is easy to move from Hawaii papaya. A well ripened papaya juicy, sweetish and tastes something like a cantaloupe, although some types musky. Fruits and leaves () is included papain which helps digestion and is used to tenderize meat. Edible seeds of a spicy taste of black pepper is reminiscent something.

Nutritional values

One of the most valuable tropical papaya fruit is considered. It's a big, beefy to 50, is hollow Berry-60cm. In diameter and generally pound of weight 2k G / It is cylindrical or pear-shaped. Seed is surrounded by hundreds of small central cavity. Even though sometimes seedless varieties of fruits are found.

Fruit has a thin smooth skin. The first is dark green in color, but as papaya ripen, it changes to bright yellow or orange. Fat, juicy flesh inside is a soft melting quality, and may be pink or yellow. It has a delicate aroma and taste delicious.

Papaya is considered as a healthy fruit. Protein, essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals daily soe requirements can be found in the fruit. As maturity increases vitamin C content in the progress of papaya. The carbohydrate content is mainly of invert sugar which is a form of predigested food.

Papaya is remarkable medicinal properties have been fully recognized in ancient times. This not only one of the most easily digested fruits, but also aids digestion of other foods. Ripe papaya for growing children is an excellent tonic, for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is energy giving food.

Papaya tree - Details in brief

Papaya tree - Introduction

Papaya tree is one of the plants on earth the most specific. This typically 4 to 5 meters long and unbranched, but older plants can be 10 meters tall.The trunk looks a bit like a top, bottom, brown carrots. The plant 75 cm, pinnately lobed palmately and again that is heavy leavesup. Leaves, near the top of the tree too long petioles clustered, because few people are shed, leaving large circular scar on the bark. Stem soft and weak, because it's wire wood (secondary xylem) and a hollow center.

Papaya tree - Nature

Once in many tropical papaya trees growing around the house looks. An important reason for production are papaya fruits in the diet regularly may be, but also often necessary because papaya is usually dioecious, so that at least one male and one female plant for fruit are required. There are, however, that cultivars (separate male and female monoecious flowers on one plant) and plant one right on the popular cultivar Solo flowers (one flower has both stamens and one pistil). Male flowers are borne long and small groups, one of several female flowers, while a smaller one on axil of leaf is produced. Usually only one leaf per female flowers develop into fruit, the trunk is covered with fruit in this way that one can see only the stem. The oldest, mature fruit is one of the lowest, and the youngest one on top. Therefore, once a plant begins production, a continuous supply of fruit is there. All mother's son to send him out the biggest or the best climbing tree crop for the lowermost papaya family papaya fruits.

Papaya fruit

Yellow and green skin of a ripe fruit (exocarp) red and orange, and a sweet, semi-firm with tints, which are often yellowish orange pulp (mesocarp). Central cavity (fruit locule) within the darkness, hundreds of seeds that appear almost blue when the fruit is cut open, they are about the size of small peas and pulp (parietal placentation) are linked. Although the United States are accustomed to seeing in the hands of shoppers in a grocery store size papaya, papaya native to the lunch or one big one small cantaloupe melon, ie, 3-60 kg in weight size, and fruit 50 cm in length are not uncommon. Ate the most fruit for dessert or a fresh papaya drink is made, although it can be closed and tropical fruit salad and canned fruit drinks are found in designer. The best fruit seeds are replanted and survived. Unfortunately, not papaya plant propagated by cuttings, so can not guarantee that the seeds of a "good fruit" planted with the same quality of fruit production will stop.

Parts and its uses

All parts of plant are laticifers, and a white latex from a cut surface and flows freely. Residents have learned that long ago, papaya latex is a very effective meat tenderizer. For several hours wrapped in fresh leaves tough meat tender was to make it. Activate a protein component tenderizing - enzyme called papain, which is very similar to human stomach pepsin is digested. Interestingly, some early, plant protein structure studies using crude papain digested protein fragments were made by. Longitudinal cut is Papain commercial was produced by scoring with unripened fruit on the ground and then set down containers rich in latex collection. Latex is one of powder in the sun or oven drying; papain powder is the highest in the United States as Adolph Meat Tenderizer is marketed. Tanzania is produced in most of Papain. Interestingly, this enzyme, which is largely a protolytic enzyme found in pineapples, bromelin is like one other uses for the various types.

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Cacao beans - Harvesting & Processing

Cacao fruit harvesting

Almost all the world's cacao trees are on small family farms. About 90% of cocoa bean production comes from farms under 12 acres. 35 million small family cocoa farms around the world, it is estimated that 26 million are located in Africa. From planting to harvesting cocoa farming fermenting every part, have the best hand, are not machines. Tree should be removed from the pods individually, by hand, because not all cook at the same time. Generally, farmers or large poles associated with machetes slice down the knife use cooked beans, taking care to not hurt the buds.

A tree or five six years ago about 30 fruit.Each be old trees will bear usable beans a year, which bears a year, almost 1000 translation for Sam. It takes 500 beans in the best conditions to 1 £ of bitter sweet, only 2 pounds of chocolate each tree produces the festival. Pods split open by hand. Sam scooped out and the outer shell is dismissed. At this point, if you taste a bean pulp you a sweet, lemony taste will notice. Real hard to eat beans and be bitter.

Cacao beans Fermentation

Cocoa beans are scooped from the pods once they are dried and fermented in two step treatment process that sets in motion the chocolate flavor nuances to develop the test process is so important development of the first tasty.Fermentation 'beans taste. Beans, still covered with pulp, a large, shallow wooden boxes kept in or are living in piles of leaves and banana was.

Once fermentation begins, the Chinese pulp is converted into acids that change the chemical composition of beans. Fermentation as high as 125 ° F. temperature generated, enzymes that are beginning to taste the chocolate business which as we know it's active form. Fermentation process takes anywhere from two to eight days.

Cacao beans drying

The next important process is drying. The best way to dry cocoa beans and keeps them on a bamboo mat in the sun's warming rays have them go bask. Some damp, rainy weather, or hot air inside the beans that can cause problems with circulating blowers are drying up. Even if the festival of fast chemical reactions allowed to dry fermentation process started and finished runner are not acidic or bitter taste. If drying is too slow and mold can develop off-flavors. Drying process takes several days during which almost all their moisture and more than half their bean weight. Once beans are dried, they taste different chocolates are ready to build.

Cacao beans marketing

Farmers' fields around collections where they are mixed with beans, fermented and dried cocoa beans take on sites. £ 200 bags full of beans and reduce the number of beans open to see if they were properly fermented samples taken by centers.Buyers shipping in crop quality. One is brown and aromatic beans to the center.

Cacao tree - description about the tree & the fruit

Cacao tree - Origin & nature

American tropical cacao Theobroma a small understory rainforest, the Amazon basin on heavy canopy.It Andes slopes in the eastern Mediterranean origin of the shade in clumps along riverbanks to use has been developed tree is native. A cacao tree shade tolerant, moisture loving, understory rainforest tree. The natural riparian area is often found favor with wild rivers. Trees live for 100 years, but tree farming economically useful for thinking about is only 60 years.

When the seeds naturally 2 meters deep taproot is a large tree, but in agriculture, the plantation plant breeding (cuttings) Use a tree without roots in the main result. Cocoa naturally grows to a height of 15 m, but cultivated trees are easy to harvest less layoffs. Tree leaves emerging from the main stem Chupon chupon is called (which was a fruit) are a fan. When grown from seed, Chupon 1.5 m and then increases to spread in layers.

Coco bright green leaves are smooth, rectangular, by about 15cm 8cm. It is often, it loses its leaves, 4-fold increase for 2 spurts a year with a new chapter. Shadows in the sun are leaving the canopy of leaves above. Young leaves red, they are less affected by intense tropical sun and sun damage, at least on direct execution. What is really fascinating about Coco leaves, they take 90-degree vertical and horizontal back and better use sun protection of young leaves can! The leaf with the temperature changes based on their hardness with a node is used.

The highest number of species in northwestern South America, where the tree is native to occur. But the world of commercial cocoa supply comes from more than half the two East African countries. Cote D 'Ivorie (Ivory Coast) 41% exports, and this neighbor, Ghana 13% of world supply. As with coffee, cocoa is a crop with the hot climate and very poor areas is a product with the normal practice calm weather is consumed in very rich areas is made.

Cacao fruit

Food production, like most plants, cocoa sector almost certainly large and plentiful native fruit by many hundreds of thousands (or production engineer) was years ago. These fruit seeds are made of people living in that area very, accompanied with his northern neighbor. Rates remain high today. A big colorful seed pods and the pods mature and flower.The large yellow, orange, red or purple when ripe is when the tree is green in the growing encased (some varieties are still green when mature) are. Pod size, shape and texture vary significantly. They more than about 10 cm length 40 cm away! They are 5 to 10 veins or longitudinal ridges and circular to rectangular, roughly the size of an American football's.

Fruit produced throughout the year, together with the flowers are. It takes 4 to 5 months to take shape to receive the seed, and then yet another ripen.A mature seeds 2 or 3 months without bad tree can live for weeks. It is important to taste a bit when mature, although it's seed and open will lose when overripe. If seeds from seed soon become infertile, but within the seed for a long time their reproductive capacity remains intact. Fruit pulp is edible, but it's nothing like chocolate. The yellow, sweet and a bit slippery and monkeys and other small mammals apple.Seeds one of the seed to break through the wall are scattered sparse least eat the pulp.

Date fruit - Health values & benifits

The various health benifits of the DATE FRUIT is as follows :

Described to date is a laxative food. That is why dates are useful for people suffering from constipation. Laxative effect from the dates, you should water an entire night dates. You like medicine in the morning soaked the actual benefits should consume dates.

  • Content that is present in nicotinic dates intestinal disorders of any kind of treatment is called benefits. Dates from the disease organisms growth rate constant intake helps maintain control and thus helps in the growth of intestinal bacteria in a friendly.

  • Delay said that he is part of a healthy diet. The Chinese, is made from fat together, with proteins as well as many essential vitamins. If dates are consumed with a paste of cucumber, one more easily come out of the slimming-can problem. Date of one kilogram is about 3,000 calories. This human body's daily calorie needs only to have enough.

  • Delay in maintaining a healthy condition your heart are very helpful. When all night soaked and crushed and consumption in the morning, they prove very beneficial to have weak hearts. They help strengthen the heart, if taken twice a week.

  • Dates for the human body to increase sexual ability is useful. Dates when the night's fresh goat milk and cardamom powder and honey soaked a handful of the mixture with milk grinded, increased sexual stamina and functional disorder due to infertility is a very useful tonic .

  • Potassium is ripe dates. Potassium is useful for controlling diarrhea. They are easily digested, which helps deal with problems of diarrhea.

  • Dates as an excellent way to alcoholic intoxication is known. Dates provide immediate relief in case of alcoholic intoxication. They should be rubbed over them to achieve healthy values covered at night.

  • Dates for treatment of colon cancer are beneficial. Useful for all age groups, they work as tonic. As they work better as a medicine, and natural and the body does not tolerate any side effects. They can easily digest and additional needs and used for energy supply.

Date palm tree -Various uses

Palm tree (scientific name Phoenix dactylifera), also known as Medjool palm one, long beautiful and magnificent tree that is known for its edible sweet fruits, dates. Phoenix Family and Arecaceae tree's genus. Actual date palm produces the truth. This is the second most known and most productive in the world coconut palm tree after palm tree.

Phoenix's oldest tree is one of the world Dactylifera. This is the world warm, dry, desert areas have been grown for thousands of years. The Middle East, Asia and North Africa is an important multipurpose tree. Palm tree is a sacred symbol. This historic Bible, Koran and other religious books were mentioned. The trees are based on many cultures. It's called "tree of life was". Providing all the necessities of life, real dates: food, medicine, shelter, fuel can, material and building material for weaving and basket making.

In many countries it is a symbol of fertility and hospitality. Nutrition for people in the Middle East date fruit sources is one of the most important. It is considered a courtesy. Chinese date, potassium, protein, fat and a good source of minerals. People in this area of ancient palm tree times.Only one woman ate dates can form. Usually 5-8 years after it begins production of fruit. Raw fruit color, when they are fully ripe red is green in brown. It takes about 7 months to cook for dates. Delicious fruit is harvested in September to early December.

They can be eaten fresh or dried. Fruit can be stored for many years. Dates are also used as a secondary product of alcohol, medicine, vinegar, cakes and ice can cream.The Date palms, ornamental plants around the world as it is very popular. The jungle, tropical heat and full sun with managed and subtropical regions. They 80-100 ft. more than 200 years to grow and can live can do. The blue - green pinnate leaves is a beautiful dense canopy.

Date palms in the United States and widely desirable landscaping plants in California, Florida, Arizona and Texas are cultivated. They are commonly seen in parks, gardens, Resorts, and with the way in these areas.

Palm trees tree juice (essence) is used to make the medicine (which is as sweet as maple syrup), sugar and vinegar, or a fresh can be used as beverage. After fermentation in a wine or liquor can be used as a summary. Fresh date palm juice (Chinese) sucrose are the main. After fermentation sucrose (sugar) will turn into the most alcohol.Seeds roasted and ground coffer could be a cheaper alternative. They can be ground for animal feed. Seed oil is used in soaps and cosmetics.

Date palm tree leaves are used for basketry and wickerwork. Mats, baskets and fans can be wowen cards. Fibers and provide wharf for ships rigging. They are in the trap can create. Leaves can be used to build huts. Trunk timber for the roof, doors can be used for, jetties, bridges and aqueducts. It is used as fuel can be.

Retrenchment as the fruit stalk is used brooms taken. He also belts.The ropes and palm heart (terminal bud) used to create a raw salad or cooked as a vegetable like artichoke heart.The palm can be eaten as hot and dry climate and wind down Shelter offers protection from. This tree is ideal as a picnic site.