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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack tree - Features

Jack about a large tree growing to 40-45 feet tall is evergreen. Often seen growing in the backyards of homes.especially Kerala South Indian, Jack, a variety of specific features - sorts.First the uncrowned herbarium shows, her cards are not all alike in size, although overall they are ovate and one shiny, leather's surface. Leaves some result that leaves, where a stagnation of development look like, is different with stop growing in some areas of their surface. So much tree, a different size, a variety of leaves, a situation described as one of the habitual heterophylly by botanists have seen.

A second feature is that the flower inflorescence (- branch effect) at the end of the angle that leaves a plant branch or stem with Terminally makes, does not arise from, as in most cases. Instead, they share one old trunk, old, one feature that is known as cauliflory go out. That's why you Jack fruit growing on the trunk, rather than see the cards. Of course, cauliflory is seen in a very few other trees.

A third special feature is that a whole fruit is in full flower branch. Custard apples can be compared with. Custard apple in which female part (flower gynoecium) are very different in the ovaries, each fruit to grow in the ovaries and Jack have all in one place eventually fruitlets uneasily.But, increases in the advancement Mixed fruit, fruit number called. So, while many fruit custard apple flowers come in (though gathering look like one) in Jack, from a whole inflorescence (flower branch), one gets a whole fruit. Hypanthodium called Jack's progress. The number of male and female flowers on a central axis which has been shared.

Pollination is over once after fertilisation, fertilized female flowers develop into fruits start. Fruit itself is not of importance. What you say and calyx Corolla here - together, because a lack of discrimination referred to as perianth - large supply of natural food and get livelier start. Due to swelling and concurrent and long axis, a major fruit of the outcome of other types of development.

Outer skin of the fruit is green and warted. Through which the fertilized female flower sheaths these warts are passed styles. 'Every' fruit inside a membranous bag with one large seed. However, all the female flowers do not fertilized. Since fertilisation (perianth mainly starch) is exciting because of the flow of food, like these unfertilised flower ribbon - remains, in the center with a dark sadness. That has been a sadness that fruit was the flower has been fertilized and the seed match and by which it is covered membrane bag. As Jack fruit technically 'called' sorosis.

Food section has made Jack perianth.The medicinal value has been known for centuries tribes. Treatment of complications after shooting young Santals distribution or use paste flowers. The skin, thighs and other body parts in plaster on the wounds, use leaf.