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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pineapple - Nature & Growth

The pineapple is the best known member and most economically important family of pineapple Bromeliaceae. It is the only bromeliad with edible fruits. The family is almost exclusively New World, with over 2000 species, over the pineapple, a native of tropical America. Another African species.

The pineapples are now in the tropics. Pineapple plants are perennials grow from a thick crown near the soil surface. They reach a height of 4 feet, with many rigid 3 meter long leaves often armed with sharp edges.

The pineapple is not really a fruit at all but is a mass of individual fruits, stem central adherent. Therefore, the carpel is at the top has. In fact, the continued growth of the stem longer, when the berries are not attached.Pineapples from seed. Pineapples are easily propagated vegetatively, with crowns, slips, or suckers.

The crown is pushed in vegetative fruit and allow new plants to 2 years to fruit. Short lateral shoots are a little less fruit. Plants from slipping to 20 months to produce fruit. Suckers are the side shoots that grow from the main trunk on the ground, and 17 months time to produce fruit.

Once a pineapple flower, it is still six months, the ripe fruit. Growing pineapples in fruit is certainly a long-term process.The result is ready to enter when yellow.Once apply if the first pair of pineapple cultivation it becomes easier and faster. A ripe pineapple plant produces lots of offspring and the suckers and slips much fruit more quickly.

Each plant produces a fruit spread to the head of the tribe. The fruit of high quality is known to crop production. After the fruit is harvested, to develop several suckers and a year later, producing volunteer "crops. The fruits are smaller and lower quality. A ratoon crop second can develop after the first crop is harvested.

Then, the field is dug up and replanted. The quality of the pineapple is at its best only when the fruit ripens on the plant. They are not sweet, are used to harvest when converted since it does not preserve the strength of beet sugar. The sugar content must come from the rest of the plant.

Pineapples are 15% sugar to the apple and citric acid. In areas near where it is grown, fermented wine pineapple. It is not easy to store, so it is rarely seen outside the tropics. Pineapple contains bromelain, a protein digesting and milk clotting enzyme pepsin only. Bromelain is used commercially for meat and chill-proof beer, soft. The bromelain may be for faith, account, pineapples are good for our digestion.

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