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Sunday, December 6, 2009

MAIZE - A major crop in the world

Introduction for maize :

A very long and interesting history behind this is Maize. There are many stories and legends concerning the origin of maize in different cultures. Maize is considered a human invention, as the plant naturally can not exist. It is believed that people in Mexico, a wild 'as' Teosinte nearly 7000 years ago known cereal grass that has developed. Maize was a popular and spread in some parts of South America and North America completed. Even before Columbus discovered America, Maize was already become a major component in food for indigenous people. When he discovered America, is popular everywhere in the world and spread Maize.

Maize is a type of cereal grain. United States, in countries like Australia and Canada, known as corn. For both animal and human nutritional importance. Maize is a word that made life "and also has an Indian legend says that the earth gods of Maize were cooked means'. It was first adopted by Latin American countries and around 7000 years ago was agriculture. Maize is a kind of hybrid corn that usually produce a high level and that is why most farmers it is beautiful. one other varieties of corn Sweet corn, dent corn, corn Flint, popcorn, corn flour, Pod corn is maize and sweet.

Maize Production World Wide :

Wheat and rice in the world after Mecca's most important crop. This production is land on which it is produced during the last decade and a pioneer in terms of crop area is continuing. The more rice and wheat in Asia, in countries like the U.S. is an important crop. Maize is used for a wide variety. Alcoholic drinks and a feed and food sweetness, starch, oil and protein production is used as. Recently, it also shows that maize or maize can be used in fuel production.

The United States is a major corn producer. U.S. Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana as states in the U.S. for more than 80% of total production contributes. In 2003 was 614.3 million tonnes of maize production and was still increasing in later years. Corns on consumption level is increasing. It basically three uses for the ashes - as food, as feed for animals and as raw material for industry is. United States and China are major corn consumer countries.

Maize producing countries :

  • United States

  • China

  • 25 countries in the European Union

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Argentina

  • India

These countries in the world produced about 4/5ths of the total maize production. Maize production is growing. The reason is rising demand from industries in Mecca as the raw material is used. Area under cultivation of maize countries USA, China, Brazil, Mexico and India is the maximum.

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