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Friday, December 11, 2009

Coconut tree - Origin and nature

Coconut palm trees are also known as Cocos Nucifera and beautiful palms world.It is one of the most attractive tropical beach is a dream. The hot tropical air crisp breathtaking ancient coconut palms sway gently in the beaches, surrounded by Imagine. It is a symbol and tropical coconut palm tree paradise.The identity and pride is the most economically important tree worldly at least 4000 has been for years. Its cultivation has been saved from a very ancient times.Coconut tropical palms and our planet are widely in subtropical areas. This is a part of the family Arecaceae.

It is a plant of use. This massive tree is cultivated for many purposes. They are all over the world to decorate the scene. Important for many cultures, their fronds and coconut can be used as a principal. Trunks and leaves the walls, ceilings and has been used for oil thatching.Palm for cooking, margarines, cosmetics, soap, coconut oil for fuel and candles can be used to make. Production of fibrous bran fiber and textiles, ropes used in the manufacture of many household items and fuel for cooking. Besides these uses Cocos Nucifera heart, liver, can be used for the treatment of kidney disease and have significant economic value are many others.The coconut palm.

People use all parts of the tree. The magic tree of life 'use thousand trees "and" ". And in some countries is the basis for human existence. Tree is everything that people need to survive in life can offer. Coconut tree is one big, greasy straight, unbranched trunk and a crown of fronds at the top. Columnar trunk is brown a light brown in color. World's most useful palm trunk base.The little bulges and shows its roots are too long. 70-100 feet in palm Cocos nucifera height.The have developed can until pinnate (feather-shaped), spiness leaves that are 13-20 feet tall. The tree is self cleaning. This means that the coconut palm leaf palm regularly.The five to seven years after production begins and continually puts flowers flowers.

Flower smell good. Tree is about 15-40 branchlets. And 3-6 feet long period so Inflorescences can access. Palm has both male and female flowers on the progress. Flower color is light yellow in color. Women are big flowers and produce seeds. Bugs smell and insects attracted to the sweet nectar of pollen flowers.The can deliver by air or are. Palm is not self-pollinated, female flowers male flowers, and coconut palm trees they other.The one large forms, round and round shaped fruit that are 15 inches tall may not mature before pollination. They are in green. Drupe (coconut) on the outside is a thick fibrous husk and a hard inner layer that surrounds a large seed inside is made of. Inner layer thin, fleshy and white and said meat or copra.

Unripe fruit and jelly and a soft white meat comes from gelatin. Mature fruit tissue development firm. Inner layer is three germination one end through one of these pores and sprouting palm looks like a crazy grows.The seed pores. The circular shape and a very hard shell. Nuts can be 10 inches long. A sweet liquid called coconut water coconut nut milk to confuse with (not from the fills). Young coconuts are a lot of coconut water. Then gradually the development of the solid tissues.

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