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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Banana tree - Origin & Nature

Banana tree - Nature & origin

Bananas - the plants can grow to 15 meters, but most plants 3 to 9 m with a different firm and creamy flesh excellent sweets, bananas in their yellow jackets available prepackaged and in a year's crop. This is a big 4 x 1 m leafs that can develop as wild banana plant come originally from India and the Malaysian region are cultivated on all continents have tropical and sub tropical. After peeling the skin a delicious banana is eaten with fingers. Very raw banana fried banana types are also cooked, fried or deep depends on. Bananas are basic food in many tropical countries.

Banana tree is an herb that high can get above the height of 15 meters is not. It is a perennial that own space. Banana is not bigger than a seed or a bulb but from rizhome. A bunch of banana plant banana crop planting, between 9 to 12 months from the time goes. Flowers appear in the sixth or seventh month. Bananas are available throughout the year.

Its leaves are usually grouped together, creating a trunk (pseudostem) like structure. Banana origins Malaysia or any time of year India.Banana tree flowers can be sure: Generally, a horizontal fashion fruit, which fruit is the banana weight becomes sufficient.The standing in clusters to develop Anywhere in which individual fruits grouped in bunches, "hand," known as the 10-25 with banana banana 50-150.

Second inflorescence leaf sheaths, about three months is visibile to the tree are required for this matureBanana high soil organic farming is the best one, a little acid (5.5-7.0) with a neutral to pH. Generally, for a water plant is required to develop and produce bananas. Size 3-4 months before a bunch of plants and 'hand' (banana-group) does influence the number of loads.

Man with a fertilizer solution 6-2-12 young plants are best, with 3% magnesium. Almost every 2 months to implement solutions, and about 10-18 months later after fruiting will be complete. Since this herb barren, publicity is the only way is to remove suckers from the original plant. As a young woman developed flourishing, they look like slender green fingers. Soon each group sheds Bracts are ripe banana fruit with a "hand", and weight is back with the bunch to stalk droops. 'Hand' varies with the number of species and diversity.

Do bananas have seeds ?

Yellow bananas that we (Actinidia deliciosa) to eating seeds, but they are so small they operate, they are not useful for plant breeding are not (meant) are doing. Wild banana species huge seeds, keep essential for plant breeding. If we define the word "fruit", we can say that this is a mature seed which the ovaries. In fact, bananas and right are referred to as a berry! Banana is very difficult seeds of wild varieties of them for us (in return for food must, it's hard to sell them for banana growers do!) Happen.

We all have to eat bananas being cultivated seedless is the exact purpose (or very small they are barely visible with the seed) is obtained from the triploid cultivated varieties (meaning that the genes of three is set, two sets instead of the normal practice is found in wild varieties). Therefore, the revised banana sexual reproduction is impossible, and they will be parents above the plant.

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