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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

coffee - nature and growth

Plant overview

Coffee plant is the Woody perennial evergreen dicotyledon belongs to the family Rubiaceae. Because it grows to a relatively large height, it more accurately described as a coffee tree. The one main vertical trunk (orthotropic) and primary, secondary, and tertiary horizontal branches (plagiotropic) .

Major types

While there many different coffee species, two main species of coffee are cultivated today. Coffea arabica, arabica coffee for the world's production of 75-80 per cent, is known as accounts. Coffea canephora, about 20 percent for Robusta coffee, accounts, known as Arabica coffee and the taste is different. Arabica plants are stronger, while Robusta coffee beans, but with a higher caffeine content creates an inferior tasting beverage. Both plants 10 m height of Robusta and Arabica coffee may increase if not pruned, but producing countries an appropriate height for easy harvesting will maintain the coffee plant.

Growth and development

Three to four years after the coffee is planted, sweetly smelling flowers in clusters in axils of coffee increases. Fruit is produced in only the new tissue. Coffea Arabica coffee plant is self-pollinating, while cross-pollination depends on the Robusta coffee plant. About 6-8 weeks after one coffee flower is fertilized, cell division is a fruit and coffee for a period depends on the climate as a pin head remains. A rapid growth period of the ovaries after the flower takes about 15 weeks to develop into drupes. During this time Cole takes final shape of coffee beans. After a period of rapid growth and size increase in membrane and parchment are not fully developed.


After nearly 12 weeks Flowers Endosperm remains small. This time the suppression, consume, and the membrane rather than less. Page residues that make up silverskin. Is completely lost after Endosperm Cole created by nineteen weeks will be filled cavity. Endosperm is now white and moist, but dry during the next several months will matter. Attracted more than seventy percent of the total time during endosperm tree produced by photsynthesates. The sweet pulp around Mesocarps that surrounds the coffee bean will expand the form. About thirty of green coffee cherry red thirty five weeks after flow will change.

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