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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pear tree - Do you know ?

Europe and Asia are the original pear. Romans at the time were about 50 species of pears. Till 1860 an American writer TW Note that there about 850 farms pears were running. There are several varieties. There 2 main varieties of pears, namely, European and Asian.

Asian pears also because of firm apple crisp pear fruit is known as. European pears, soft fruit production juicer. Fresh Asian pear fruit trees are taking excellent time. European pears should be picked when the fruit matures, but before that they're cooking. Pears in one long mature state can be stored.

All Asian pears should be considered self cultivars, irrelevant, which means you as a partner for pollination purposes in one plant more fruit and Asian pear cultivar is needed. Some European varieties are self pollinating, but many more fruit if a compatible pear-tree pollination help is available.

Pear trees are growing rapidly and usually after 3 to 5 years from start to bear fruit. Like apples, pears are usually sold as a grafted tree and so requires pruning and training. Pear tree with its shiny dark green leaves are attractive and tasty fruit trees as well to provide. Pear leaves simple, thin, jagged, and bright green color.

Pear fiber diet, rich in vitamins, and minerals. They eat out of hand and are excellent for salads. Pear and control cholesterol or fat are not low calorie. Pears are an excellent source of potassium and calcium. We offer many varieties of pear and they are displayed below.

Laden with fruit trees to be finished, so the fruit is thin, only one or two per cluster. More than a burden on the tree.pears without being to big fruit flavorful, fresh food or Cooking, are good for growing easier and a little weird. Trees are great for the scene and when spring is beautiful smothered in white flowers.

Fruits are more expensive than some other fruits in many shops, Asian pear tree in the garden to be a wonderful. Or from the garden. This is a beautiful vertical productive spring clean leaves and white, fragrant flower group. That the one apple and pear fruit and are very crispy taste like a cross between follow.

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