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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cotton production & promotion in India

Cotton production - over view

Over the years, cotton production in the country has achieved significant volume growth. The 1970 decade, the range of 8.00 to 9.00 million bales of cotton per year in large quantities used for importing. However, the government plans to five years in a row that the cotton production sector and hybrid varieties around mid 70's through increased coverage achieved through the necessary incentive programs like intensive cotton production of specific schemes. Since then the production of cotton in the country become self very late 90's and 20 except for a few years in the early decades when large quantities of cotton had to import due to low crop production and increasing domestic cotton textile industry needs is.

Technology in cotton production

"Since coming to the Cotton Technology Mission" The Government of India in February 2000 through the development of high yielding varieties have increased yields and significant achievements have been in production, transfer of appropriate technology, better farm management practices, BT Area under cultivation of cotton hybrids etc. All these events increased the last 2 / 3 of cotton production has been almost one year in the country in turn. About 300 kg / ha to more than 10 years, has remained steady at significantly increased yield per hectare and 567 kg level / cotton season of 2007-08 reached Ha.

Fundamental change that is happening under cotton cultivation in the country, are potentially the world average per hectare of cotton production in the near future to take on the current productivity levels. Domestic consumption of cotton textiles increased by addition to meeting the country's imports of cotton sufficient additional countries can meet the needs of cotton.

Promotional measures

Apart from low yield per hectare, the quality of cotton produced in the country is relatively more polluted. While the interests of cotton farmers due to the high cost of production and low productivity are suffering, the end user for consumption of cotton textile mills available hard - with a high percentage of waste and pollution that a combination of varieties.

In order of quality cotton to suit the needs of the textile industry, integrated cotton cultivation through speed connectivity between all the relevant land is coming. Contract farming for farmers and textile mills and other agencies will be expected to form associations to coordinate these various inputs and extension services, including marketing assistance for cotton production will be assigned. The plan for its expansion as production costs and higher productivity compared with international standards and quality of cotton textile mills through with the availability of both is likely to benefit cotton growers.

To promote cotton production through contract farming, CCI has signed MOUs cotton every year in all important "Farmers Union with the states is growing.

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