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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cashew nut - Cultivation process

For the purpose of processing raw cashew nut in shell from the healthy, tasty kernel quotes. Most modern factories designed to achieve the maximum number of whole nuts are more open and possibly in the form of oil. In a series of processing steps can be subdivided as follows :


Cut for a few days in the sun drying are crazy. Properly dried before 2 years for mad can store is being shelled. Insane are caustic shell oil and acrid smoke discharge cashing. If not impossible, open hand before firing oil has been removed. To be protected from contamination from open pit oil, because it causes blisters in the mouth and throat when eaten. Roasted nuts before they must be soaked in water to provide moisture are opening up in the oil-containing cells in the open it is to maintain and rupturing. Is a little rubbery and kernel moisture fell breaking the limit. The easy way to wet heap big pile of balls in use being mad and Sprinklers. Steam can also be used.
Simple method for roasting hot crazy one minute in an open pan with holes about. Acid fumes and continue to be if crazy is doused with water to catch fire should fire. A more efficient method slanting perforated cylinder that is rotated above a fire use. Oil flows through the open hole in cylinder and is collected through one to capture. After the roasting process, ash or dust thrown into the crazy addition to still hold the butt of the shell oil has been removed.


This is the toughest job in cashew processing. Firing is done by women workers in India, mostly cheap. Firing wire bent piece special wooden mallets and was using, the rate per hour is less than about 200 mad. Mechanical methods of firing due to irregular walnut shape, the fragility of the shell and kernel hardness are difficult to design. Some mechanical processing plants from compressed air is used to crack nuts.

Latest Open around Windmer and Ernst method to cut a hose and started with a modified metal plate centrifuge shells in place. Thrown against the plates and nuts are broken by centrifugal forces when the machine spins. The 85% with this method it is possible to achieve full kernels.

Testa removing

First thin, papery seed coat (testa) can be removed, the kernels must be dried. At 70 degrees Celsius on crazy big racks are dried in an oven shell is dry and brittle and is easily removed. Membrane is removed from the remaining portion bamboo knife. Modern factories use electronic machines that shell are then solved and the remaining piece of hand with clear detection of mad. Kernels, whole and broken, 6 grading program are resolved. Is broken or just black and a small demand for the unevenly roasted kernels.

Cashew nut - Major uses

Shell Oil about a quarter of a mass of unshelled walnuts represents nearly equal to kernel. The fluid, the term "shell oil as an oil" indicates, but by a combination of core cardol anacardic acid and is not open more than product.There 200 patents are registered using the different oils. One of the most important uses is in the manufacture of brake linings. Shell oil content that many heat, abrasion, acid and caustic products, for example clutch plates will be resistant, special isolators, varnish and plastic materials for construction are used. Insect repellent wood and used in making book cases and packing boxes. A place for gum Arabic gum, and insect repellent glue in book bindings as used. Nuts and apple is a compound that combats tooth decay was found.

Uses of apple, stem & leaves

Apple is very perishable, but very healthy. It can be eaten fresh or juiced. Medicine, wine, liquor, wine, fruit, pickles and glazed fruit preservation are also made from cashew apple. In Brazil, fresh cashew nuts - apple tray and packaged in retail fresh cashew production in the productive sectors outlets.The indigenous people such as leaves, bark used as different parts of plant are marketed, gum, wood , juice and roots for preparing a local drug or insect repellent - mix. And leather used in making bark is rich in tannins are. Kernel as diet around animal papery seed coat can serve.

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