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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strawberry tree - Locations & Features

This evergreen shrub or small tree, usually about 3-5m tall, but may develop as high as the plant family Ericaceae is a member 12m.The strawberry tree. Oval-shaped leaves of a tree with their jagged edges and length toothy role is about 5 to 8 cm. Clusters of white flowers appear in autumn, with a bright orange or red berries that ripen from last year with.

In November and December strawberry tree produces masses of beautiful white flowers. Red flowers than fruits that are up to turn a small strawberry. Strawberry tree berries spiked with circular form of many small tubercles takes. To take a full year of berries fully ripen and are sometimes referred to as the apple. Since the fruit takes 12 months to ripen, mature fruit trees and flowers both at the same time and then are incredibly beautiful. Fruit is good enough to treat the tree falling when it is fully ripe.

This is a good idea to ensure that the fruit fell on a soft surface so that it is not damaged is falling. Short grass is very good for this. If you wait for fruit to fall, it could be taken when the color is deep red and very soft touch. It will begin within 24 hours eaten or decay is needed. When it is fully colored fruit you can get, but still very firm, and then shop for a few days. It's a wonderful plant known as a sample in a lawn, and it very well on the edge of a woodland garden is sunny.

If there are some lower branches, it is possible to produce new plants by layering. You branch at the base of the young wood a small incision with a knife and then the stubble field. This can take up to 2 years, but the agency usually will produce roots and can be separated from the plant for parents when she is growing away wildlife food and successfully.The strawberry tree and a shelter for humanity source. A shrub border or woodland garden strawberry tree, a small specimen tree or as an excellent choice.

Strawberry tree for coastal areas is a good option because it is the Mediterranean climate is the best in tree tolerant.Strawberry salt, cold, wet winters and mild, with dry summers. It is not in the continental climate, hot, humid summers and cold winters with. Strawberry tree has bark used in making leather. Fruit is edible, but flour and tasteless. Strengthen strawberry tree known as fermented wine tasting medronho are. Fruit preserves also are used.

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