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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Date palm tree -Various uses

Palm tree (scientific name Phoenix dactylifera), also known as Medjool palm one, long beautiful and magnificent tree that is known for its edible sweet fruits, dates. Phoenix Family and Arecaceae tree's genus. Actual date palm produces the truth. This is the second most known and most productive in the world coconut palm tree after palm tree.

Phoenix's oldest tree is one of the world Dactylifera. This is the world warm, dry, desert areas have been grown for thousands of years. The Middle East, Asia and North Africa is an important multipurpose tree. Palm tree is a sacred symbol. This historic Bible, Koran and other religious books were mentioned. The trees are based on many cultures. It's called "tree of life was". Providing all the necessities of life, real dates: food, medicine, shelter, fuel can, material and building material for weaving and basket making.

In many countries it is a symbol of fertility and hospitality. Nutrition for people in the Middle East date fruit sources is one of the most important. It is considered a courtesy. Chinese date, potassium, protein, fat and a good source of minerals. People in this area of ancient palm tree times.Only one woman ate dates can form. Usually 5-8 years after it begins production of fruit. Raw fruit color, when they are fully ripe red is green in brown. It takes about 7 months to cook for dates. Delicious fruit is harvested in September to early December.

They can be eaten fresh or dried. Fruit can be stored for many years. Dates are also used as a secondary product of alcohol, medicine, vinegar, cakes and ice can cream.The Date palms, ornamental plants around the world as it is very popular. The jungle, tropical heat and full sun with managed and subtropical regions. They 80-100 ft. more than 200 years to grow and can live can do. The blue - green pinnate leaves is a beautiful dense canopy.

Date palms in the United States and widely desirable landscaping plants in California, Florida, Arizona and Texas are cultivated. They are commonly seen in parks, gardens, Resorts, and with the way in these areas.

Palm trees tree juice (essence) is used to make the medicine (which is as sweet as maple syrup), sugar and vinegar, or a fresh can be used as beverage. After fermentation in a wine or liquor can be used as a summary. Fresh date palm juice (Chinese) sucrose are the main. After fermentation sucrose (sugar) will turn into the most alcohol.Seeds roasted and ground coffer could be a cheaper alternative. They can be ground for animal feed. Seed oil is used in soaps and cosmetics.

Date palm tree leaves are used for basketry and wickerwork. Mats, baskets and fans can be wowen cards. Fibers and provide wharf for ships rigging. They are in the trap can create. Leaves can be used to build huts. Trunk timber for the roof, doors can be used for, jetties, bridges and aqueducts. It is used as fuel can be.

Retrenchment as the fruit stalk is used brooms taken. He also belts.The ropes and palm heart (terminal bud) used to create a raw salad or cooked as a vegetable like artichoke heart.The palm can be eaten as hot and dry climate and wind down Shelter offers protection from. This tree is ideal as a picnic site.

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