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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coconut palm tree - cultivation and uses

Cocunut -cultivation & harvesting

Average about 60 coconut palm trees coconut in one year. The ripe fruit requires about one year to cook. A fully mature coconut, dark brown color.The collection methods may be different from each country. Coconut palm coconut tree climbing and harvesting the majority of the law with a knife on top of the tree cutting nuts from the hands of Pol method.Climbing and cooking in many countries is under cultivation method are common. This process is difficult and labor is considered dangerous.

Method is used in many countries Pol. Standing on one end attached to the land of farmers faster with a knife with a long bamboo pole to reach a ripe coconut. This process is simple, may seem a lot but it requires experience and special skills. This method is more productive that such attack method.In Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia as farmers in many countries gather to train monkeys mature completely mad. This process is less efficient that other methods.

The easy way to harvest crop is coconut. Trees, when mature, they naturally fell on the ground can be picked up by coconut farmers leave.

Coconut - uses

Coconut palm trees palms trees all the most useful. The tree can satisfy the basic needs of all people. Coconut tree in many countries is one useful.A all parts of staples. A highly nutritious nuts and vitamins and minerals include lof. Fruit juice that many food uses.The coconut is called coconut water. People with green coconut drink it raw. Chinese water, fiber, antioxidants, rich in protein and vitamins. In many tropical countries it is used as a traditional fresh drinks. Peope a "straw freshly opened, children with green coconut" drink straight through. Of water remember my holiday in Thailand minerals.During, for the first time I had coconut water. Thai my friend has recommended that I try very nutritious soup. I enjoyed their sweet fragrance and cleanse my body.

Coconut milk is made from mature coconut meat. Coconut milk and coconut water found inside the nut is not the same. Coconut milk with milk or hot water is made by processing grated coconut. It is rich in oil and sugar. In many countries in many recipes fluid Whitish as a basic component is used. This soup, snacks, vegetables, seafood and meat can taste. Coconut oil can be made from dried coconut. Virgin olive oil is extracted from fresh coconut. For cooking it is used in many Asian countires. It is rich in healthy fatty acids.

Common drinking toddy (tuba) coconut palm trees can be obtained from the juice. For the wine and vinegar is used to make juice. Fresh juice is very good for the heart babies.Some people eat (Palm - cabbage) of coconut palm. They boil it and use in salads. This is a rare delicacy because tree removal heart beat.

Coconut shells - uses

Useful products can be obtained from coconut endless list. People from many countries are dependent on the fruit. Can provide food for the majority of the coconut palm.

Coconut palm tree is very valuable. Cocos in every part of the human Nucifera uses. Coconut palm, coconut shell tree.A there can be for tableware and more are using the 1000. Cutted horizontal, indoor and outdoor cleaning and drying up at the end to make drinking cups, bowls, spoons, napkin rings, trays and chopsticks are used. Eating service and your unique style tableware is coconut tropical coconut shell home.The used also as taking pearls, necklace, earings, bracelets and bangles as coconut jewelry. Natural materials make the right jewelry items. All pieces are very unique features and vary in color and size. It can be carved coconut button to create the Hawaii aloha shirts.

Dried coconut shell floor in the Philippines and Jamaica is used as the floor shiny buff. Coconut shell charcoal is a good source. It is widely used as industrial and fuel stove. Used to produce charcoal coconut shell activated carbon.The will dry up and yehu such Chinese and Vietnamese banhu of musical instruments as donations qao.The is used as the base may dry up for women formal bra can change.

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