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Monday, December 14, 2009

Papaya fruit - Nature , Types & Nutritional values


This page is dedicated to discussions about the papaya fruit. This is the most valuable of all tropical fruits. It is a nutritious fruit. Papaya protein, minerals and essential nutrients like vitamins can meet daily needs. Not only the most easily digested fruits, papaya is one of, but also aids digestion of other foods. Raw papaya juice, many skin disorders is a problem, is useful.


There papaya, Hawaii and Mexican are two types. Supermarkets commonly found in Hawaii papaya varieties. Pear-shaped fruit of these generally take about £ 1 is the weight and yellow skin when ripe. Flesh is bright orange or pink depending on variety, with small black seeds clustered in the center. Are easy to Hawaii papaya crop because the plants rarely grows longer than 8 feet. Mexican papayas are more types of air is large and can weight more than 10 pounds to 15 inches will be long. Body yellow, orange or pink can be. At the Hawaii papaya flavor intense, but still very tasty and very funny. They are doing is easy to move from Hawaii papaya. A well ripened papaya juicy, sweetish and tastes something like a cantaloupe, although some types musky. Fruits and leaves () is included papain which helps digestion and is used to tenderize meat. Edible seeds of a spicy taste of black pepper is reminiscent something.

Nutritional values

One of the most valuable tropical papaya fruit is considered. It's a big, beefy to 50, is hollow Berry-60cm. In diameter and generally pound of weight 2k G / It is cylindrical or pear-shaped. Seed is surrounded by hundreds of small central cavity. Even though sometimes seedless varieties of fruits are found.

Fruit has a thin smooth skin. The first is dark green in color, but as papaya ripen, it changes to bright yellow or orange. Fat, juicy flesh inside is a soft melting quality, and may be pink or yellow. It has a delicate aroma and taste delicious.

Papaya is considered as a healthy fruit. Protein, essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals daily soe requirements can be found in the fruit. As maturity increases vitamin C content in the progress of papaya. The carbohydrate content is mainly of invert sugar which is a form of predigested food.

Papaya is remarkable medicinal properties have been fully recognized in ancient times. This not only one of the most easily digested fruits, but also aids digestion of other foods. Ripe papaya for growing children is an excellent tonic, for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is energy giving food.

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