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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cacao tree - description about the tree & the fruit

Cacao tree - Origin & nature

American tropical cacao Theobroma a small understory rainforest, the Amazon basin on heavy canopy.It Andes slopes in the eastern Mediterranean origin of the shade in clumps along riverbanks to use has been developed tree is native. A cacao tree shade tolerant, moisture loving, understory rainforest tree. The natural riparian area is often found favor with wild rivers. Trees live for 100 years, but tree farming economically useful for thinking about is only 60 years.

When the seeds naturally 2 meters deep taproot is a large tree, but in agriculture, the plantation plant breeding (cuttings) Use a tree without roots in the main result. Cocoa naturally grows to a height of 15 m, but cultivated trees are easy to harvest less layoffs. Tree leaves emerging from the main stem Chupon chupon is called (which was a fruit) are a fan. When grown from seed, Chupon 1.5 m and then increases to spread in layers.

Coco bright green leaves are smooth, rectangular, by about 15cm 8cm. It is often, it loses its leaves, 4-fold increase for 2 spurts a year with a new chapter. Shadows in the sun are leaving the canopy of leaves above. Young leaves red, they are less affected by intense tropical sun and sun damage, at least on direct execution. What is really fascinating about Coco leaves, they take 90-degree vertical and horizontal back and better use sun protection of young leaves can! The leaf with the temperature changes based on their hardness with a node is used.

The highest number of species in northwestern South America, where the tree is native to occur. But the world of commercial cocoa supply comes from more than half the two East African countries. Cote D 'Ivorie (Ivory Coast) 41% exports, and this neighbor, Ghana 13% of world supply. As with coffee, cocoa is a crop with the hot climate and very poor areas is a product with the normal practice calm weather is consumed in very rich areas is made.

Cacao fruit

Food production, like most plants, cocoa sector almost certainly large and plentiful native fruit by many hundreds of thousands (or production engineer) was years ago. These fruit seeds are made of people living in that area very, accompanied with his northern neighbor. Rates remain high today. A big colorful seed pods and the pods mature and flower.The large yellow, orange, red or purple when ripe is when the tree is green in the growing encased (some varieties are still green when mature) are. Pod size, shape and texture vary significantly. They more than about 10 cm length 40 cm away! They are 5 to 10 veins or longitudinal ridges and circular to rectangular, roughly the size of an American football's.

Fruit produced throughout the year, together with the flowers are. It takes 4 to 5 months to take shape to receive the seed, and then yet another ripen.A mature seeds 2 or 3 months without bad tree can live for weeks. It is important to taste a bit when mature, although it's seed and open will lose when overripe. If seeds from seed soon become infertile, but within the seed for a long time their reproductive capacity remains intact. Fruit pulp is edible, but it's nothing like chocolate. The yellow, sweet and a bit slippery and monkeys and other small mammals apple.Seeds one of the seed to break through the wall are scattered sparse least eat the pulp.

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