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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Palmyra palm tree - Major uses( fruit,stem & leaves )

  • Palmyra's main product is undoubtedly toddy or arrack. This drink is a stimulant for nearly allthe countries. This is a sweet juice that makes a tasty and health drinks boost when freshly pulled before sunrise. People in large quantities in the morning and have a laxative effect.

  • Medicinal use `a` Palmyra Palm Tree is a lot. If fresh rice flour and toddy slowly until it is mixed with warm ferments, it creates a valuable stimulant poultice. Fruits and flowers received after burn Aperients as ash is used in recipes for popular biliousness. Age and sex important tree `Palmyra Palm Tree" is changing the nature of wood. While young, the tree wood is soft and hardens slowly. However, heartwood remains soft. Male than female trees produce better wood.

  • It uses a lot that included the house and porch posts, wood nearly 300 years of life, water gutters etc. Whatever that is better than Iron. Palmyra fiber Palmyra (palm) tree, which is obtained from plants 10 to 15 meters high. If used as a matrix component is strong, it will result in overall cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Palmyra fiber is easily and India, Sri Lanka is available in abundance, etc. are not only cheap but also have high specific strength and modulus.

  • Due to its specific weight, it could be a better alternative to existing synthetic fiber reinforced composites. When unripe fruit is hard shell, called Nungu 'fruit is like a jelly and tastes delicious as well fell inside tender. Nongu fruit flavors and fruit Nungu nungu prepared as fruit shakes.This well known for its amazing cooling effect. Besides quenching thirst, nunku nutrients are fruits and medicinal value too.

  • It is full of minerals. Almost no protein, fat, carbohydrates or with fruit and patients on a diet is a boon for people. Fruit with edible parts of other palmyrah and abdominal skin is used to treat disorders. Palm fruit is boiled riped fibrous outer layer or in the fire and eaten hot. A sweet juice, toddy is called, can get from young inflorescence or the male or female. To one fermented beverage called toddy arrack, and this one focuses raw sugar palm leaves is said sugar.The thatching, mats are used for, baskets, fans, hats, umbrellas and decorative verieties Luggage.

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