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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Palmyra palm tree - Nature & importance

Palmyra palm - Nature

Asian, Borassus flabellifer Palmyra palm, Borassus genus is a plant. Other names for the toddy palm tree, palm tree are Chinese, and Cambodia's palm. This is a strong tree, is staying with 100 or more years. The top one big, strong trunk that looks like a coconut on the top 98 is conducted in stages, and is ringed with leaf prints. 10 foot spread across several dozen leaves create a canopy of fronds. The early growth of trees is slow, but speed up as it is mature. Its growth pattern, large size and clean habits for gardening is an attractive species.

Although several names for this fruit is known in many languages, it is normally known British groups "apple ice." Fruit as one is born and around 4-7 inches in diameter with a black husk. The fruit, three sweet, creamy white translucent jelly has revealed the top seed in the section cut bases. This is equivalent to lychee, but no holes and very mild taste. A thin yellowish brown skin, including fruit jelly part. Palm fruit is a fibrous outer layer which, when ripened, raw roasted or boiled may be eaten. Young male and female plants produced inflorescence a sweet juice toddy.

Palmyra palm tree - Importance

Toddy fermented drink called arrack, made from a raw sugar or molasses is called the focus. Chinese is called Gula Jawa in Indonesia and Javanese food is popular. Tree sap was used as a laxative, while in other parts of the tree are used for various medicinal purposes. India and Sri Lanka in various fields are common to plant seeds and allow them to generate. Seeds germinated within one delicious crunchy fell, so the water tasting like walnuts, but still is sweet. Another common thing to eat and they confirmed boil stems very good source of fiber and nutrition. Matt often used for thatching leaves, baskets, fans, hats, umbrellas, and Indonesia material.Ancient Culture Writing paper, called "lontar", the cards. Salt water and turmeric powder in the process patrons dip mix suitable size, shape, leaf texture is required, boiled and maturity.

Palmyra palm tree - Uses

When fully dried leaves, a pumice stone is used to polish the face cards. Then polish and a hole cut in leaf appropriate page size is cut in one corner. Leaves a hole in the corner as the sheaves are tied. A leaf yields four pages. Stalk used for strengthening our relationship has taken, and are also a durable cords or to brush, wiry fibers produced fittings. Black wooden high because its hard, heavy, flexible prices for the construction of Taj properties.When tree removed, the remainder of which trees grow out of a food cake, pananchoru name appears.

Palmyra tree in India's Tamil Nadu state tree and is highly respected. The celestial tree, or "karpaha 'as specified in part because each tree can be used without exception. Tree tree in Cambodia is a natural symbol. The whole country and near Angkor temple.The tree is also more common in Thailand generally increases, especially the North Eastern Province, where is common scene Isaan place.

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