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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cashew tree - Importance and nature

Cashew tree - Importance & its nature

Cashews, walnuts are fast growers and a tropical evergreen tree. It grows to a height of 12 meters bloom occurs between November and January. In the third year after planting trees, flowers sprout. Fully cashew apple fruit ripens within months.The 2 walnut size which is attached to the bottom of the conically.

Cashews (seed) hangs at the bottom of apples, nuts and seeds c outside of the shell is shaped.The is edible kernel or nut inside. Raw cashew kernel as its soft, white, and is passionate. When roasted it changes color and taste. As the most delicious nut palate, this salty appeal.

Cashew apple and cashew best source of nutrition. Five times more vitamin C than an orange cashew apple is more calcium, iron and a lemon, avocados and other fruits as banana contains Vitamin B-1.

Remove shells from cashew shell oil and caustic water causes skin. Mucous membranes of the mouth and throat badly affected when the ball of smoke emitted during oil or roasting disturbed come in contact. Many uses shell liquid oil.

Cashew tree - Benifits

Cashew tree planting several environmental benefits. Allows the presence of cashew orchard farmers who harvest a local forest from annual pruning requires cutting down trees indigenous to destroy large quantities of wood to reduce the stress is.

Since cashew trees grow well in harsh environments where other trees can not grow, cashew orchard farmers to reclaim waste land gives. Even the birds of the garden, to serve as habitats for bees, and wild animals that promote biodiversity.

Cashew trees help fight malnutrition more vitamin C than oranges more than its apples. Since this fruit is not a long shelf life, it always is consumed locally with its consumption is to ensure that local people benefit.

Cashew trees that farmers great windbreaks to protect their crops from harsh winds, which ultimately led to higher crop yields are allowed to serve as. This in turn helps to ensure that farmers can feed their families.

Cross-pollination and self pollination of cashew seeds play an important role in the formation. Seedlings not so great diversity and "scuba" seed.Nuts can be should weigh between 8 and 9 G with density at least 1.0 show the truth. Gray to yellow apple most resistance against anthracnose has demonstrated and are associated with trees with the best production.

For families living in tropical cashew tree structure as the service is a great shadow. Underneath its dense crown, people with comfort and protection from the sun hold social functions. Found throughout tropical cashew treesare.

This is an important crop in the developed world's ability to solve many environmental problems in construction and as a source of wood for cooking with the rural community provides, reduces erosion, and employment opportunities And a very nutritious food source with the local community provides.

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