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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Apple tree - Nature

Common apple tree is a member of the rose family.The trees are more commercially grows wild in the Pacific States, the United States in eastern and southern Canada. The tree species sometimes known as Heaven Apple or are just plain apples.

Scientific name of tree, Malus pumila yet due to the genetic history of the tree line across the second larger scientific name Pyrus malus, Malus domestica and Malus sylvestris are included. Because different varieties of apple tree production deliberately over time has been exceeded, size, color and taste of apples vary.

Common apple tree scaly bark that ranges in color from pink to gray brown. Tree leaves oval, flat and wide with jagged edges. Leaves to 5 inches long and 2 1 / 2 inches can be wide.Mature tree canopy spreads that can reach 25 feet in height with 15-25 ft range.

Mature trees are common around the tree trunk diameters 24 inches. In the spring the tree produces white flowers have five petals. These flowers are tinged with pink often. Trees heat, which can be yellow or green color red fruit develops. Fall fruit reaches perfection.

Tree likes full sun to light and most any soil can be managed because it is moist and well aslong is draining. Because most do not self pollinate apple trees, two or more different species of trees should be planted with the tree will bear fruit one. Various species of trees that bloom time is like planting of healthy, would provide more abundant fruit.

Common apple tree fruits consumed whole, or pies, cakes, cider, jelly form can be used in cooking, preserves and other food products. House and tree fruit and medicinal products for use in a kind of small pieces of wood and wood furniture is to have craft.

Trees for wildlife food and shelter also serves as the supply is. For apple trees they pruned a central leader, which is a main trunk is needed. For the health of apple trees Pruning is important and needs to be done yearly.

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