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Monday, November 9, 2009

Agribusiness development project

On agriculture, enterprise development and diversification projects, particularly the report of the audit, said billions of rupees project, the project, Rs36.36 billion fund the shortfall in budgetary control of the various departments in the exercise by the Steering Committee.
The cost of hiring an international consultant Rs1.30 billion, while international tourism swallowed Rs362, and 250 in the current United Nations, adopted on personal computers revised, was one of the projects, said in a statement, Pakistan (gum) the Auditor-General audit opinion . Report submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, a week ago, and news. (2005-09) ADDP, and the Auditor-General Rs4.079 your comments or requests $ 100 million in settlements or to determine responsibility. Inside and outside the box, including support for AGP agricultural projects, said that all the excessive spending (amateur), development of agricultural finance, restructuring and project coordination for sharing Minfa PHDEB strong, Agriculture and Livestock Products Marketing and Export Department Ministry of the row (DALPMG ratification), FSCRD market information system (MIS), and comprehensive standards for Agricultural Development to the World Trade Organization and international consensus, livestock and dairy Development Board (LDDB), and agricultural policies and the Project Monitoring Unit of unity (in the promotion of training courses) and training. Rs14.25 million U.S. dollars and workshop Rs39,, 400 employees in agricultural finance products to support agribusiness innovation consulting Rs1.30 10,000 15.033 Fund (International), Rs362, and international travel, Rs282, including the payment of 250 for daily expenses, rather than 555, and the repair and maintenance and (the office) and insurance, RS5, Lawyers Without Borders, which was established in the Office of Rs6.20 Lakah, Rs67, and miscellaneous equipment, Rs90, repairs, maintenance and insurance (868 vehicle equipment 000 000) and RS5 cargo. 89 million, the report noted. A comprehensive agricultural development project financing, and the Asian Development Bank, Rs289, 800 Fund accounting item 1 of the revised allocation for spending 100% of personal computers. Another report said, Rs720, 336 locations, and the Pakistan Horticulture Export Development Authority (PHDEB) has been allocated to promote. , Laptops, and export certification very Rs18 distribution of various commodities have added 848, but additional DALPMG Rs419, the purchase of laboratory equipment in the process of spending by 099 people, and employment FSCRD, and a report by international consultants and local travel growth.
The report also Rs830, 954 an excessive amount of expenditures in the market refers to a management information system) was established. Training courses will not be n agricultural excessive amount of Rs662 share and control spending and salaries and hiring of vehicles and Rs976, 154 trainers and 630 World Trade Organization, business management and skills training, and trainees additional cost, it said. Different components of the cost of an additional amount of Rs3.19 million in the project management unit had been said.

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