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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Role of Public & Private Seed Sector

The private sector seed industry in the past few years has begun to play an important role. At present, the seeds or seed production and operation ordered by the number of active 400 or 500. However, the main focus in the private seed companies, seed the seeds of a large number of low-cost high-value has been in short supply in the market of cereals, pulses and oil seeds, seed is still dominated by public sector companies. Private sector companies, mainly cereals, sunflower and cotton is an important place, in this case. However, in cases of vegetable seeds and planting material of horticultural crops, as well as key players in the private sector. As the interest in the private sector, public sector seed companies, grain, pulses and oilseeds are not effectively mass-produced seeds of wheat, rice and other grains, oilseeds and grains, including less profitable years, the number of days. At present, 15 countries and agencies, national seed companies, seed 2.

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